Whether you just got off a plane from your holiday vacation or you partied a little too hard for the start of a new decade – we have you covered. Here are our favorite ways to detox and help kick start some of those New Year’s resolutions…

Clean Market: If you’re still recovering from New Year’s Eve, you’re not alone. Grab a girlfriend for a visit to Clean Market for anything from an IV Drip to an infrared sauna session that will help increase your energy and get rid of that terrible jet lag. We’re all about self-care and at Clean Market, they take it to the next level.

Barry’s Bootcamp: Vacation calories don’t count…right? If you overindulged in one too many treats this holiday season, we have just the fix. Head over to one of the several Barry’s Bootcamp locations around the city and kickstart the new you. With expert instructors and a welcoming community, Barry’s Bootcamp makes sure you slay your workout so you leave feeling strong and rejuvenated. Make 2020 the year you follow through with living your best and healthiest life.

Skinney Medspa + Wellness: Working out isn’t for everyone, we get it. But what if we told you there was an easy and effortless way to lose the stubborn fat you just can’t seem to shake? Coolsculpting at Skinney Medspa + Wellness is everything you never knew you needed. Described as “an age-defying oasis” by Forbes, quick and painless results will allow you to start 2020 as your best self.

Humming Puppy: Stressed from your family badgering you with questions about your future or maybe you spent a little too much time with your in-laws?  Either way, there’s no better place to relax and release all that stressful energy than at Humming Puppy. Immerse yourself in a serene and lavish yoga experience with top of the line instructors inside the most insta-worthy yoga studio you’ve ever seen. From the classes to the aesthetic to the tea and coconut water afterward, Humming Puppy is the place to put last year behind you.

Urban Remedy: It’s a new year, which means there’s another chance to finally start (or at least try) eating healthy. Urban Remedy was voted one of the top five meal plans by Vogue, offering you an easy and delicious way to stay healthy. No one likes to think of what to make for dinner, and we could do without the stress of grocery shopping, so why not let Urban Remedy do all the work for you?!