The CIVANA Carefree wellness resort is the epitome of sacred space. The intentions of the resort are to aid individuals through their personal quests to find inner peace, and they lead with healing the body from the heart.  From the moment I checked in to CIVANA Carefree, I knew there was something special going on…there was an indescribable energy that buzzed throughout my body. What was it exactly? I’m still not sure. 

Built on the four pillars of Spa, Fitness & Movement, Nutrition, Discovery & Enrichment, CIVANA Carefree wellness resort is the ideal destination for those seeking emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium.

The retreat is planted in the Sonoran Desert residing on ancient Native American sacred grounds and is said to be the home of a spiritual vortex, which might explain those good vibrations I was feeling. Further enhancing my theory on this was that upon some independent research, I learned that the vortex that the resort is laid upon was once the center of interaction for the earth’s electromagnetic energy and was thought to be used for spiritual awakening. Now we’re on to something…

Although it hadn’t yet opened in time for my stay, CIVANA Carefree is set to unveil a brand-new SPA CIVANA as early as December 2018. The spa is set to incorporate hydrotherapy immersions including a tepidarium, hot/cold walking pool, cold plunge shower and saunarium into its treatments along with some pre and post rituals. The 22,00 sq ft space was a former opera house, and will now honor 29 treatment areas including a Watsu pool, couple’s rooms, wet treatment rooms, facial and Thai rooms. Talk about an upgrade. There will be a lounge located on the second floor that offers a space for guests to relax and take in the views that Arizona is so well-known for. 

The SPA’s goal is to get back to the roots of SPA – Salus Per Aquam (Health through Water) – which is achieved through altering body temperatures to tense and release your muscles. The design of the building itself is completely sustainable and equipped with energy efficient devises, solar PW and water harvesting. To answer the question you’re probably wondering – yes, I will definitely be back to experience this when it opens.

While I stayed at CIVANA, I got a taste of some of the incredible programs they provide to guests (all included in your stay!). All of the programs available at the resort promote wellness in a non-traditional way and challenge you to uncover your potential while under no false pretenses or pressures. It was pretty amazing. Although I didn’t get the chance to experience it myself, there were several different types of yoga that were offered, including HATHA, wall, aerial, Woga, as well as trigger point release classes and stretch & breath classes. For those looking for more a slightly more challenging fitness experience, CIVANA  offers guided hikes, balleton, cycling, total body conditioning and gyrokinesis. I participated in the “moderate” morning hike, cooking experience with Chef Justin, and a sound bath. It was the perfect opportunity for me to clear my mind of the noise.

CIVANA Carefree’s dining options were so approachable that it almost didn’t feel like a wellness resort. Their whole mantra is about finding the balance between nourishing foods and comfort foods and being able to sustain a healthy lifestyle long after you check-out of the resort. 

There are two restaurants located on the property, and I enjoyed every meal I had here – from breakfast to dinner. Terras is the more “formal” option; the all-day restaurant serves colorful, healthful meals free of GMOs or preservatives, but also has a few indulgent options like burgers or decadent molten chocolate cake for dessert – now that’s what I call balance. For an energy boost, café Meto, the more casual dining option, serves up guilt-free options with a largely plant-based themed menu and many gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and vegetarian options. For dinner after a long day, my soul needed the seared scallops with cauliflower risotto paired and a chocolate mousse made with avocado. It was about 10 times more delicious than I expected.

All guest rooms at the resort embrace the uncluttered feel. The décor is minimalist, clean, open, and free from distraction, which is just what it was meant to be. The rooms décor incorporates natural elements like stone, wood, metal & glass and are furnished with locally manufactured material.  The CIVANA King & Queen both are window facing with plush euro-top beds. The King Spa room features a soaking tub and mountain views.  The tranquility suite is the largest suite available and comes with a kitchenette, great room and two bathrooms.

So, is this sanctuary in the middle of the desert worth traveling for? The short answer is yes. A big resounding yes. From the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to forget the importance of allowing ourselves to unplug and take a moment to reset. CIVANA Carefree gave me that breath of fresh air I needed to go back to my everyday routine smiling with a clear head and open mind, but also gave me the tools to maintain this mentality. Check this one out, ladies. I promise you won’t regret it. Book your stay now.