We love to fly.

There’s just something magical about boarding a plane, settling in for a few hours (or more), and arriving in a completely different part of the world. But flying, as we know all too well, wreaks havoc on our skin.

Which is why – in our search to find the best inflight skincare regimen – we turned immediately to Dr. Barbara Sturm.

A world-renowned aesthetics doctor, known for her non-surgical, anti-aging treatments and Molecular Cosmetics skincare line – Dr. Sturm recently debuted her “Flight Essentials Kit.” In it, six super-ingredient products: a cleanser, face mask, signature anti-pollution drops, two serums (anti-aging and calming) and face cream.

“Frequent long-distance flying causes physical and environmental changes to our bodies and skin,” says Dr. Sturm. “Cabin air is drier than a desert. The air pressure is like sitting on top of an 8,000-foot mountain, which reduces oxygen in the skin by up to 25 percent.”

Pre-flight, Dr. Sturm prescribes a simple three-step ritual: “Cleanse” (gentle foaming cleanser), “Protect” (anti-pollution drops) and “Nourish (face cream rich). During flight, she applies both the serums and face cream multiple times, along with the anti-pollution drops. And once back on the ground, cleanses again and adds in the face mask – to replenish moisture.

Travel Curator’s founder knows all this to be true from her recent trip to Puerto Rico where she brought along Dr. Sturm Flight Essentials Kit, packaged in a chic holographic travel bag. Suffice to say, we will never go wheels up without it. Love.