Travel Within Yourself.

New York is full of noise and distraction, but rest be assured – Travel Curator has found a moment of peace for you. Where might this peace be hiding, you ask? Would you believe us if we told you it was in a bus? Ohm M G!

Be Time Mobile Meditation Studio, the brain child of Carla Hammond, is a converted coach bus that was transformed into an urban oasis and on-the-go meditation hub for New Yorkers. Step onto the bus and instantly feel a wave of calm rush over you. While on board, you are encouraged to fill your senses with their signature aroma therapy scent, weighted blankets, and sound-proof walls. The bus is also equipped with mood lighting that has varying intensities and a rainbow spectrum for guests to control according to their mood.

Hammond came up with the idea of the meditation bus four years ago while pregnant with twins and found inspiration from the most unlikely source – a food truck! Once Hammond zeroed in on a mobile business model, she made it her mission to make meditation more accessible by creating a safe space for the public to recharge.

Once aboard, guests are encouraged to take a seat on one of the luxe cushions, which are held up with flexible back-support and equipped with weighted blankets to enjoy their 15 or 30-minute meditation practice. Throughout the class, instructors rely on their mantra of, ‘Unwind, unplug and recharge,” as they guide you through a full mind-body meditation.

While the bus is in fact stationary while you are in your practice, their location changes daily. Reference their schedule to reserve your spot now, walk-ins are also welcome. We highly recommend trying Meditation Monday with Erica, outside of the James NoMad. At the end of the meditation, it’s safe to say we were not ready for it to be over. Head back to the office? No thanks. N’amastay right here…

Be Time Practice