Just Ageless by Jeannel Astarita

Here at Travel Curator, we love a great spa and will pretty much fly anywhere to try any treatment on offer.  The thought of turning back the hands of time, even a little, will have us horizontal at our favorite med spa in New York City or zoning out during a sound therapy massage with the melodic humming of a didgeridoo in Queensland, Australia.   We are currently obsessing over Just Ageless and skin whisperer, Jeannel Astarita who is pure magic.  Her ability to wipe 10 years off your face and many unwanted pounds off your body is nothing short of remarkable.  And yes, we are not shy to admit we are speaking from first-hand experience.  Jeannel is renowned for her body contouring and skin rejuvenation, using the latest non-invasive technology, and every program is tailored to each client for optimal results.  You want to achieve a flat tummy by doing 20,000 crunches in 20 minutes (while lying down), then book her new Emscupt machine for a game changing ab workout.  Her new chic and very private spa is now open in downtown New York at 11 Howard Hotel.  Her A-list clients and celeb followers keep her in high demand, so if you need to kill a little time, drop into Higher Dose one floor below for a detoxing infrared sauna.  Not only is this Travel Curator approved, its definitely Worth Traveling For !


Make an appointment and mention Travel Curator upon booking. (929) 328-8277, justageless.com

Instagram: @justageless