Travel is in our DNA. Our bags are always packed and ready for the next sojourn. As are our favorite ‘go-to’ travel kits, all of which we love for various reasons. The five we never leave home without:

*Flight Essentials by Dr. Barbara Sturm. This six-product, chic travel swag includes every essential to keep skin hydrated and glowing – especially during long-haul flights. We love the TSA size-approved cleanser, face mask, serums and cream, along with Dr. Sturm’s pre- and inflight skincare regimen. But the show-stopper comes in her signature “anti-pollution” drops – the perfect barrier between our skin and that stale, recycled cabin air.

Tip: apply multiple times during flight.

*Vassar Rose Skin Perfecting Collection by Farmaesthetics. Founder Brenda Brock started her all-natural line at a simple Rhode Island farm stand. Today her products, handcrafted from organically grown herbs and flowers, are known worldwide. One of our travel musts: the vassar rose collection – perfect for in-room relax. Gently mix the herbal cleanser and rose-powder polish to exfoliate. Apply the vitamin-filled remedy serum. Then slather on the crème de la crème of hydration: Brock’s widely acclaimed “nourishing lavender milk.” Super clean and smells divine.

*Pietro Simone Skincare Discovery Kit. New-to-the USA, this Italian skincare line had us at Ciao. Beautifully packaged and theatrically presented (each product bears its own numerical ‘Act’), the true standout is Simone’s proprietary “Italian Bella Complex” – culled from healing ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Specific apples grown in the volcanic soil of Vesuvio; tomato seed oil from Puglia. Our personal fav: “Act 5, The Eye Contour Cream,” a paramount performer applied under eye as well as to the lids. Brilliant.

*Aesop’s Travel Kit. It’s beautiful. Useful. And joyfully customized. Filled with nine travel-size essentials – for hair, face, body and even oral care – this chic Australian brand offers the ultimate variety. For city travels, choose the “Sao Paulo,” featuring parsley seed, the perfect defense against dirt and pollutants.  While for warm-weather climates, bring along the “Nashville,” or for cooler locales, the “Montreal.” Fun. And did we mention beautiful?

*Kerstin Florian TSA-Approved. California-Sweden-based Kerstin Florian International now offers 16 TSA-approved, travel-size products (six for the face; ten, the body). One of our favorite combos: the Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel, Spirulina (or Algae Gel) masque and jade roller – for cooling and puffiness. We also love the Vitamin Day Crème (with SPF 30) and Lavender Body Spray, helpful for sleep and sunburn. And because there’s still room in the carry-on, Foot FuB – perfect on the plane, and for tired sore feet while traveling.