Image courtesy of The Cut

When the elevator doors to Ildi Pekar’s practice on E 49th St. in NYC opened, I was immediately greeted with a wave of relaxation. From the immaculate design elements of the lobby to the plush massage bed that we were instructed to lay down in (don’t mind if we do), the experience was absolute luxury all the way. I was here for “The Lift,” Ildi Pekar’s infamous Microcurrent facial that combines 3 effective facial contouring techniques to lift, firm, and hydrate the skin.

Upon arrival, Ildi described how the Microcurrent technology is used to lift your facial muscles to help drain excess fluid, decrease puffiness, and give you a natural facelift. You read that right. A natural, non-invasive, no needle-needed facelift. The other component, a Radio Frequency tool, is incorporated into the facial as well, and is used to shrink enlarged and harmful fat cells and tighten the skin up to 28%.

The facial itself was beyond relaxing, and did not come with any zaps or stinging sensations that I had anticipated. Instead, it brought me to an almost meditative state, which Ildi said was not uncommon for her patients. Unlike an at-home Microcurrent device, Ildi’s special handheld technique has been procured with over a decade of practice.

According to Ildi, she has seen more and more patients turn to Microcurrent facials in between their usual Botox appointments in an effort to prolong the results. With all of the hype surrounding a non-invasive facelift, I couldn’t help but be a bit weary in my expectations.

Ildi works on one side of the face at a time to show the drastic difference a before and after Microcurrent facial has on the skin. My results? Shocking.

As I slowly drew the mirror up to my face, I had to take a second to let our eyes adjust to what we were seeing. I asked Ildi a few times if this mirror was warped, like a funhouse mirror, because that was how different each side of my face looked. Remember the popular Photobooth app with the funny effects on your Mac? Yes, just like that. The left side of my face looked like it had just taken a 3-week vacation to St. Barths – my eyebrow was lifted, the slightly sagging skin by my mouth was suddenly looking firm, and my cheekbones were defined, sans contour. The right side of my face? Well, it looked as it usually does: tired, stressed, and deflated. We were completely stunned.

This is a “see it to believe it” type of treatment, and certainly one that I will be coming back for time and time again.


Ildi Pekar Skin Care

20 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017