In the midst of holiday craziness, we found solstice in the West Village at Rhemedy by Rhed.

As 2018 comes to a close, wellness is at the forefront of our minds. Have we taken care of ourselves this year? Have we made time for self-growth? Judie Rhed Yim’s practice is a warm, inviting space that is rooted in the benefits of relaxing, self-nurturing rituals.

Our first session at Rhemedy by Rhed was with Monika, who led our detox massage with an impressive amount of knowledge and pride about her work. The massage was a combination of dry brushing, to increase circulation and remove dead skin, and manual hand-work. Every movement was completed with intent, and we felt an immediate reaction in our body. If we could do this every week, we would.

Our next session at Rhemedy by Rhed was a lymphatic drainage massage, which has gained much popularity over the years thanks to social media and wellness trends. Not surprisingly, nothing about this treatment felt simplified or anything that I expected. Judie’s movements were incredibly intuitive and personalized to my body.

Though we believe that everyone deserves some pampering and should indulge in massage, Judie explained to us that massage is not always “one treatment fits all,” which is what makes her practice so unique. All of the licensed massage therapists at Rhemedy by Rhed customize their treatments to the patient’s immediate needs and listen to their bodies for guidance.

If you find yourself in NYC anytime soon, run don’t walk to this cozy little sanctuary in the West Village. You can thank us later…

Rhemedy By Rhed

West Village

230 West 13th Street

NYC NY 10011