Better Get There While It’s Hot



Where: 5 Beekman St, New York, NY – Financial District

What: This chic old-world French restaurant from the culinary genius behind Balthazar gives the financial district exactly what it needs, a splash of glamour.  The grand dining room located in the Beekman hotel encompasses the timelessness of Paris and will allow those willing, an escape.


 The Loyal

Where: 289 Bleeker St, New York, NY – West Village

What: The Loyal is the place to go if you’re the kind of person who wants to please everybody. The crowded menu ranges from retro seafood plates to whimsical DIY ice cream treats that will leave a variety of taste buds satisfied. Like a great pair of jeans, this place can be dressed up or down, it can hold place to a special dinner or be a boozy night out with the girls… you pick!



Where: 128 Greenpoint Ave., New York, NY – Greenpoint

What: Named after the Aztec goddess of the night, this new Mexican spot has simple white décor paired with vibrant green plants summons a chic mystical vibe. This is the kind of place where you’ll run into a trendy influencer who just flew in from Tulum, but we’re here for it! The food features dishes from all over Mexico, but the snack and drink menus are especially delish!



Where: 104 E 30th St. New York, NY – Nomad

What:  If you are an avid omakase connoisseur, this is the place! From the creators of Atoboy, Atomix features an upscale, seasonally changing omakase menu with an intimate 14 seat counter and only two seating’s a night. You’ll impress just about anyone if you score reservations here and will really treat them to a different kind of dinner and a “show.”


Where: 15 W 18th St. New York, NY — Flatiron

What: The popular Greek restaurant has made its way into the big apple with the opening of its second location. The seafood is unbeatable and the space is massive playing into its airy, effortless charm.


The Usual

Where: 30 Kenmore St, New York, NY –Nolita

What: There’s nothing more routine -a polite word for boring- than saying the words “I’ll have the usual,” but here at the usual they are making the usual unusual… get it? From the creators of LA’s famous Eggslut, the concept here is classic American comfort food with an international twist. Comfort food done like a true travel curator!

Kish- Kash

Where: 455 Hudson St. New York, NY – West Village

What: This place transforms from fast casual day time eats to formal sit down at night with one concept in mind, couscous. It’s easy to tell this is Moroccan inspired from the countless different pattern covered tiles, but the couscous is made by hand giving way to a real cultural experience.



Where: 151 E Broadway – Lower East Side

What: now here is something different, this new Malaysian place is serving baba-nyonya food, never heard of it? Neither have we! baba-nyonya is the love child of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine with cool food and super sweet bite-sized deserts that are sure to tickle the taste buds.


Where: 241 W Broadway New York, NY – Tribeca

What: As the name gives away, this French style restaurant is serving up all the classics, but with some unexpected twists. While their food is authentic French, their wine list is especially unique since they serve wines only from small producers. So pair a fabulous red you’ve never heard of with your French favorite and Bon Appetit


Hao Noodle

Where: 343 W 14th St. New York, NY – Greenwich Village

What: Everyone who knows the original knows that this is not your average Chinese takeout. The second location is providing the same flavorful pan-Chinese flavors, but is focusing on skewers and noodles. The space is bigger and features an open kitchen deserving of “oo’s and ah’s.”