cafe supplies list

As self-confessed coffee snobs, we went down a bit of a TikTok rabbit hole lusting after all the cafe-worthy creations by Vivian (@coffeebae97). Taking inspiration from her caffeine-fuelled posts, we decided to master the art of being an at-home barista by adding these cute cafe supplies to our kitchen so we can whip up the perfect cappuccino or cold brew like a pro.

Shop It: Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

Why We Love It: Our favorite kettle for all things coffee and tea, the Stagg EKG Kettle has a chic, minimalist design that will add cool cafe style to your kitchen (the baristas at Blue Bottle sure love it and even collaborated with Fellow to design their own kettle). The spout is designed to pour the perfect amount of water over your grounds every time, and you can control the temperature according to the style and age of your bean. Brew dark roasts at 180°F-190°F for a sweeter taste, and lighter roast and freshly roasted beans at 206°F-208°F. In case you crave that second cup, this baby will keep your water warm for up to an hour. 

Shop It: Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups

Why We Love It: Double-walled glass coffee cups are bang on trend right now and not just because of their sleek modern look. The double walls and hand-blown glass design protect you from burning your hand and prevent condensation. Oh, and the floating drink optical illusion makes for an Instagram-worthy photo of your at-home cafe-style coffee.

Shop It: Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine and Milk Frother

Why We Love It: Putting an end to the hassle of having to grind your own beans to create the perfect flavor, or dealing with wet grounds when making espresso, is Nespresso Vertuo Next.  Add your desired coffee capsule (BTW they come in an assortment of flavors and intensities so you can double down on your am caffeine and drink decaf at night) into the machine, hit start, and boom, barista-made coffee in 10 seconds. It also comes with a separate Aeroccino milk frother, so you can foam your cappuccino like the best of them.

Shop It: Handheld Milk Frother

Why We Love It: It’s the compact size and simplicity of this milk frother that makes it perfect for frothing up milk, whipped coffee, hot chocolate, matcha. It’s also super easy to clean and comes with an inbuilt stand, so looks cool on the counter when not in use. To really nail the barista part – top your cappuccino with a cinnamon heart, bow, panda, or any of the cute designs in the DIY stencil drawings included.

Shop It: Long Handled Teaspoons

Why We Love It: Spoons matter and these chic, long-handled black teaspoons will evoke the feeling of being in a sidewalk cafe in Paris watching the world go by. As an added bonus, they are perfect for skimming and spoon-feeding the froth off the top and you don’t have to worry about struggling to reach the bottom of your cup or getting milk and coffee on your hand. Voila.

Shop It: Fellow Atmos Coffee Bean Canister

Why We Love It: The genius Atmos Vacuum Canister is perfect for storing and protecting your precious coffee beans against direct sunlight and oxygen exposure, both of which can lead to their demise. Kept in their bag, after a while beans begin to dry up, so this canister with its airtight vacuum seal is quite literally a caffeine godsend.

Shop It: Small Glass Pitcher

Why We Love It: We aren’t going to lie, this small glass pitcher made it onto our list because it is just too cute. Perfect for serving – and impressing your guests –  we fell in love after it starred in one of @coffeebae97 highly addictive coffee videos.  Brew coffee straight into the pitcher or steam milk with a handheld milk frother and serve. This sweetie is also perfect for tea lovers; brew up a fragrant herbal tea with petals and admire them floating in the glass. Bottoms up.