GITANO NYC – As much as it pains us to say this, summer is officially coming to a close. This summer, a few of us were lucky enough to experience the newest hotspot firsthand. The tiny beach destination in Mexico is the latest must-see for influencers, posh travelers, and anyone wanting to experience a truly magical getaway that encourages you to unplug from the real world and immerse yourself into daily meditation, full moon parties, and fabulous exotic fruit bowls. The geniuses behind Gitano, Tulum, surprised NYC this summer by designing a tropical oasis pop-up, smack dab in the middle of the concrete jungle in SoHo. The stools and the Florida palm trees aside, the entire restaurant has been designed and built in Tulum and transported here overland in 53-foot trucks.

The restaurant seats 400 in what we would consider NYC’s most romantic destination at the moment. Lush trees are adorned in extravagant chandeliers and waiters could double as super models. The food itself is fresh and vibrant, and plated in such a way that you forget that you are in downtown New York City. The only downside – this pop-up isn’t permanent and only plans to remain open for the next month. The upside? We have just been given yet another reason to escape to Tulum…



Images Courtesy of, @grupo.gitano and @kathyferretti