At Travel Curator, we’re always up for something loud, fun, unexpected and different. Our dining experience at ZAUO was just that.

We had heard some rumors about this “fishing” restaurant but wanted to experience it for ourselves. What exactly were we getting into?

Well, we were immediately greeted by an incredibly warm staff who were just as enthusiastic about the food as they were about the catch-it-yourself concept of the restaurant. After a brief explanation about the different fish they had available, we were given ponchos and fishing rods. Yes, you read that right. PONCHOS.

The fishing experience was equal parts fun and infuriating. 10 minutes of rattling around a lure in the water isn’t exactly what we would consider a night on the town, but the satisfaction of catching the fish was well worth the anticipation.

Upon our host’s recommendation, we went for the rainbow trout and the lobster. The trout was prepared two ways – pho style and grilled with a light seasoning. The lobster came two ways as well, and we opted for it “hard boiled” and tempura fried.

ZAUO isn’t a place you go to when you’re looking for a quiet evening. Bring someone here that’s visiting from out of town for the shock value and fun of it all.


152 W 24th St, New York, NY