There’s no better way to learn about one’s culture than to indulge in the region’s cuisine and traditional dishes. From classic lemon meringue pie, trendy purple ube eggettes to exotic delicacies like jollof rice and chicken infused with rosemary, these feeds offer a frenzy of cuisines to lay your eyes on and make your mouth water. No matter what your food preferences are, we’re bringing you our favorite food Instagrams from each continent.  


Blogger Sam Linsell behind @drizzleanddip celebrates seasonal African cuisine at its finest! Linsell thrives on experimenting with new techniques, ideas and flavors. Using a no-fuss technique, her recipes flourish with local ingredients.


Photo credit: @drizzleanddip


The Tokyo food journal showcases a collection of dishes made with seasonal vegetables and seafood. From vegan chocolate mint milk milkshakes to buckwheat pancakes drizzled with goma-miso sauce, @foodpicjp‘s curator perfectly blends local ingredients into a variety of original and borrowed recipes.

Photo credit: @foodpicjp


Splitting time between Sydney and Hong Kong, Eileen’s feminine style and playful pops of colors offers her followers a visual feast that leaves us wanting more. @eilxrrr‘s illuminating hue and the occasional adorable cartoon-themed food items are so captivating, we could scroll through her feed all day. Swoon.

Photo credit: @eilxrrr


Situated in Berlin, food stylist Nora Eisermann and photographer Laura Muthesius takes food photography to a new level with their dark and slightly mysterious feed. The duo started the blog to create delicious gluten free cake recipes after Laura felt unwell due to food-allergies. Equipped with tasty gluten-free recipes and an artful assortment of flowers found at their occasional magical gatherings – Nora and Laura create awe-inspiring @_foodstories_.

Photo credit: @_foodstories_


The recipe for NY and Seoul-based @eatingwithminnie’s delectable Instagram feed? Spreads featuring popular local spots and motivating captions. Minnie Kim’s positivity about food and warm attitude gets us through the day.

Photo credit: @eatingwithminnie


Brazil-based Diego Oliveira’s profile is blooming with nature – romantic florals, seashells, and fresh fruits. Lush greens are peppered throughout @eudiiih‘s imagery of scrumptious desserts dressed in a sweet summer flair that we don’t want to escape from.

Photo credit: @eudiiih


We couldn’t find any Instagrams from Antarctica to feast your eyes on. For something off the cuff and quirky, check out Lazy mom and Bread Face Blog (NSFW). If you like to break the rules and play with food, check out Chef Jacques’ gastronomic junk food.