La Mamounia is one of those rare places that has it all. Everything about La Mamounia is absolutely perfect from the intricately painted mosaic tiled floors to the lush pleasure gardens and lake-sized pool. La Mamounia truly is a rare and precious Moroccan gem, and of course, one that is worth traveling for. Below are five of our many, many reasons to love La Mamounia.


1 Decadent Design

Re-imagined by world-renowned architect and interior designer Jaques Garcia, each of the 20,000 square meters of tile have been carefully appointed covering almost every inch of the 5-star property. Well-suited for the design-forward and a playground for the Instagram-obsessed, La Mamounia, and all its wonders are #TCApproved.

2 Coveted Cocktails

La Mamounia has played host to many iconic guests including Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John and The Rolling Stones. The cocktail bar is named after the distinguished Sir Winston Churchill and the menu features celebrity inspired cocktails infused with herbs from La Mamounia’s gardens. Le Churchill is one of the chicest spaces to savor a cocktail and enjoy your intimate surroundings—we recommend ordering the Audrey Hepburn a zesty rum cocktail which perfectly encapsulates the spirit of La Mamounia. 

3 Lavish Pools

Although Marrakech is abound with gardens to explore and Islamic art to see, there truly is nothing like an afternoon spent poolside at the luxurious La Piscine. With glittering turquoise waters and studded with rows of palm trees, La Piscine is surrounded by La Mamounia’s famed gardens and takes poolside glamour to the next level. Find yourself an authentic Moroccan caftan in the resort’s boutique because La Piscine is where to see and be seen when visiting the Red City of Marrakech.

4 Intoxicating Fragrance

The entire palace is rich with the intoxicating scent of La Mamounia’s signature cedar, date and citrus fragrance which wafts through the airy halls and completely enhances the sensory experience. The scented candles give La Mamounia an ethereal feel and now guests can bottle this scent and take it home with them.  

5 Lush Gardens

The gardens of La Mamounia were a gift from Sultan Mouhammed to his son Prince Mamoun. The prince used to hold extraordinary garden parties (named “nzaha” in Arabic) in the park for entertainment, which is currently a popular amusement in many Moroccan cities. Now the gardens boast endless aisles of roses, jacaranda, and ginger, a cacti garden featuring twenty one different types of cacti and a kitchen garden that overflows with lemongrass, coriander, and mint. 


This hotel could have been designed for Instagram.  We especially like the beautiful black and white mosaic wrapped columns which make for a stunning backdrop for all of your colorful caftan selfie moments. When we heard that the lovely Athena Calderone, of the beautiful @EyeSwoon stayed at the hotel, we obsessed over her snaps as soon as she landed. Here are some of our favorite moments from her stay:

Photo Credit: Saad Alami

Pierre Jochem, General Manager and Denys Courtier, Executive Director of Marketing, Spa and Leisure dish their all-time favorites at the iconic La Mamounia:

Pierre Jochem, General Manager of La Mamounia

Room with a View: Suite 440 has breathtaking 360 degree views of the gardens and Atlas mountains.

Eats: Couscous Royal at Le Marocain.

Design Detail: The various zouac ceilings.

Artwork: The Tree of Life Fountain.

Cocktail: Jacques Sellosse Champagne.

Room with a View: The Executive Suites which face the gardens — the beautiful birds, fragrant flowers and herbs create a sensational experience.

Eats: Spaghetti Don Alfonso at L’Italien.

Design Detail: The beauty and modernity of the black and white patio.

Artwork: Alan Keohane’s photograph of a girl from the Atlas Mountains.

Spa Product: marocMaroc’s ultra moisturizing cream.

Cocktail: A coupe of Champagne Rosé or an Aperol Spritz.

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