THE VIBE: The Hotel Des Grand Boulevards is just about as Parisian as it gets. The hotel is the perfect size for a luxe, lavish stay in Paris with 50 rooms spread throughout the gorgeous building. The Experimental Group, Romee de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Oliver Bon opened the hotel with the intention to create a beacon of light in Paris, where their passion for the multi-faceted French culture could be expressed. In three words, the Hotel Des Grand Boulevards can be described as sophisticated, romantic and indulgent.

THE LOOK: Louis XVI post-facelift. Designer Dorothee Meilichzon selected the unique décor of the hotel by showcasing the building’s originality that was inspired by the French Revolution. The whole property exudes a modern, aesthetically vibrant feel and wherever possible, boasts lavish textile features in both décor and in-room bedding.

THE SLEEP: Each of the rooms in the hotel is inspired by old-world Paris. Canopy-style beds, glass touches and marble accents grace each room with an effortless glamour. The Grand Pigalle beds are handmade with linen cotton, and the 300 thread count satin sheets will have you feeling like the royal you are.


THE TASTE:  Feast your eyes (and taste buds) on the best French-Italian cooking Paris has to offer in the elegant dining space at the hotel. You don’t even have to leave the hotel to experience how one of Paris’ most reputed chefs works his magic. Giovanni Passerini is the head chef serving up perfection at the Grand Restaurant.

WTF: This property is French candor at its most refined, sophisticated moment. The hotel is tucked away in the center of the bourgeois districts and is only a short distance away from iconic venues like the Faubourg Montmartre’s theatres and the Opera House. While most tourists keep busy snapping selfies beneath the Eiffel Tower on their visits Paris, guests staying at The Hotel Des Grand Boulevards are encouraged to take in a different side to the city. You’ll leave knowing the city like the back of your hand.


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