Location, location, location! Situated in downtown Portland, guests are within walking distance to almost any prime spot in town. With a laundry list of amazing eats and tax-free shopping, guests can count on a plethora of entertainment at their fingertips when they leave the premise of the hotel. In addition to the close-by treats and shopping destinations, guests can experience the culture of Portland by visiting local museums, parks, concert halls and historic sites, all of which are within walking distance as well. If you find yourself lost in the hustle and bustle of the city, look for a Sidewalk Ambassador in a green jacket to steer you in the right direction!


Sleeping in unfamiliar places has its challenges, but not at Sentinel. With six types of rooms available for booking, it’s easy to find the one that best suits your needs. Each room option is custom-designed by Boys Fort, which ensures that your sleeping arrangements will carry its own character and charm. Resting your head has also never been easier; Sentinel provides guests with a pillow menu that will appease even the lightest of sleepers.

Just like us, Sentinel cares about the environment. To participate in their environment-friendly program, check off ‘tree hugger’ on your door hanger to opt out of housekeeping for the day, and receive a $5 credit to the mini bar! Rest assured, your best friend doesn’t need to stay home because your dog will be pampered as well, with a bed, food and water bowls, toys and treats.



Situated in Sentinel is a restaurant, bar, and wine lounge. Jake’s Grill is a destination restaurant for native Portlanders and visitors, featuring mouth-watering steak and fresh seafood. Jackknife, Sentinel’s bar, is more than just a local watering hole. Amongst the bar’s offerings is a menu of irresistible food, hand-crafted cocktails, beer and wine. The Domaine Serene Wine Lounge is available to both the public and hotel guests for a unique experience with rare and exclusive wines from Oregon vineyards.


Sentinel’s fitness center is equipped with Peloton bikes and more, but you can also have a Well+Fit kit delivered right to your door. The kit comes with hand weights, a yoga mat, core ball, and exercise bands, and an iPad preloaded with fitness videos. If you prefer working out with a class, the front desk can give you a class pass to a variety of workout classes around the city (on the house).  Um, yes, please!


The exquisite design of the hotel translates into each room with each detail carefully placed. In every room pencils, postcards and an old-fashioned typewriter are situated for guests. Executive guests are given access to the “Room At The End Of The Hall,” which is a lounge stacked with things to keep any visitor happy. There are endless complimentary snacks, waters, teas, coffees and more that make it a perfect spot for gathering with friends or family.


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