Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden pool and lounge area

On a staggeringly gorgeous October day, I land in Palma, the capital of the decidedly quaint Spanish island of Mallorca. The warmth of the sun kissing my skin and the light sea breeze sweeping through the air was my first hint that this would be a sensory experience to remember. 

After a quick ride down the water’s edge from the airport to the center of town, my driver stopped in front of a small alley. “It’s just through there,” she says, pointing down a narrow street flanked by cafes. 

After stopping to peek in every window along the short walkway, I found the entryway to Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, a former 16th-century residential home turned ultra-luxury boutique hotel that is happy to cater to your every whim.  The hotel is part of the Mr & Mrs Smith luxury collection, where guests can earn and redeem IHG Hotels & Resorts’ One Rewards points.

Upon entry, it becomes clear that this is a space where guests are never expected to lift a finger. Within moments of walking through the doors, my bags were whisked out of my hands, and just as I stepped up to the check-in desk, a host instead asked if I’d prefer to wait in the garden with a coffee. Of course, I obliged. 

Can Bordoy’s outdoor space is something out of a story, complete with a Secret Garden. Past the charming bistro dining tables, guests can disappear into the verdant landscaping that makes up the largest private garden in the city center. There are seating nooks galore and tiny sculptures strewn about, making for a pristine place to sip coffee, wine, or whichever concoction you choose. Those looking for even more relaxation can find a glittering azure pool behind a privacy fence, so guests staying at the hotel can sunbathe in peace. 

Image: Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

Wanting to see more, I made my way back into the common space. And it didn’t disappoint with more textural moments. In the lobby, there’s supple leather sofas lining the lounge area, begging-to-be-touched emerald green velvet chairs, and rattan benches that call to your fingers to gently run over their weave. And that’s all before making your way to your suite. 

Upstairs, my fourth-floor room also surpassed my expectations. Stepping through the heavy wooden door, I found rich, dark wood floors leading straight to everyone’s favorite hotel amenity — a free-standing tub — which is indeed the highlight in this space, as the hotel most certainly places emphasis on total relaxation. There’s even a small ceramic canister of bath salts.  

Located down a small set of stairs, I found my incredibly plush bed, opposite one of those lovely velvet couches, alongside an old-school music player topped with a bar set so I could always be ready to serve myself something chilled.

Image: Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

But here’s the coolest part about Can Bordoy: all the vintage vibes and textural experiences are more than met with modern amenities. This includes the divine beds (which I could have spent an entire day in), which come with controllers on either side so you and your sleeping partner can adjust it to your comfort level. Next to the bed, there’s a controller for the blinds, so before you wander off to sleep, you can close the blackout shades and easily pull them back with a mere push of a button come morning. And, rather than rely on in-room phones, guests are encouraged to download WhatsApp so they can chat with the staff any time they wish. 

This new-school service came in handy while relaxing on the hotel’s roof deck next to its plunge pool, which provided stellar vistas of local attractions like the Royal Palace of La Almudaina. While lounging in the Mediterranean sun, I was able to text my host a quick order for lunch (a locally-sourced salad alongside a freshly squeezed lemonade) and had it delivered by the time I finished scrolling my email. 

Just as the sun began to set, I made my way downstairs to visit the last little corner I had yet to explore: the spa. 

Tucked between 16th-century walls, Can Bordoy’s spa offers both traditional beauty and massage services alongside wellness rooms reminiscent of personalized Roman baths. In each of the two rooms, guests can go on a little choose-your-own-adventure spa experience, thanks to their whirlpools, saunas, and hydro spas that are all yours during your stay. 

Image: Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

Ending my day, I booked a table at the hotel’s restaurant. Seated outside under the canopy of trees, I indulged in a passion fruit mocktail, which was like a cool sip of paradise, made with crushed ice (which, as everyone knows, is the superior way to serve ice). I followed it with the restaurant’s tasting menu, which is a plant-forward delight created by Chef Andrés Benitez. The menu was a burst of flavor from start to finish, all crafted from what they call “zero kilometer” ingredients. Meaning, the menu may be globally inspired, but the ingredients are all sourced as locally as possible. 

Checking out of Can Bordoy was rather painful. Not because of the service — that too was impeccable. All I needed to do was WhatsApp the staff to let them know I needed a cab, and it was there waiting by the time I made my way downstairs. It was because every fiber of my being wanted to stay just a little longer, to see the stellar views from the roof, hear the soft music playing in my room, feel the sensual textures adorning every surface, and taste all the delicious meals I’d yet to try. At the very least, I left knowing I’d be welcomed back with the same attention on a return visit and that a booking was just a WhatsApp away. 

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