Have you ever stepped into the entryway of a hotel and immediately knew that your stay was going to be something special? Two short weeks ago, we spent the night at The Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa, and we are still talking about it to anyone that will listen. From the immaculate in-room design elements to the staff’s incredibly warm treatment of their guests – this hotel just. does. everything. right.

The boutique property, co-owned by Robert DeNiro, comprises of 88 rooms and suites, one fabulous restaurant, and a spa that is to die for. Trust us – we only spent 15 minutes taking a tour of the spa and it was enough to take our breath away. The spa scene is something out of a sexy movie scene; dimly lit candles scattering the floor, a thin veil of steam emanating from the warmth of the pool, and a deafening silence that quite literally makes you forget you are in the middle of a bustling city.

Although we did not get the chance to experience the restaurant, Locanda Verde, the online reviews speak for themselves. Locanda Verde is also offered as a room service option, so you can enjoy your Duck Arrosto in bed.

Another standout of The Greenwich Hotel was its pet policy. Sure, most hotels in NYC say they are pet friendly, but how many of them greet your dog with a gourmet treat, plush daybed, adorable toy, and food and water bowls? Not many…and we’ve stayed at quite a few. The thoughtful touches that are met at every guest touchpoint definitely add up, and it’s safe to say that this hotel knocked it out of the park.

We often ask ourselves at Travel Curator what makes a hotel “Worth Traveling For.” In an over-saturated market like NYC, it’s so easy to get lost in a sea of hotel beds. We have stayed at many fine hotels in our combined lifetime’s, but The Greenwich Hotel just had a je ne sais quoi that left us wanting more and feeling very lucky to be in a position to review hotels like this. If you have the chance to stay for a night (or a whole week if it were up to us), you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

The Greenwich Hotel

377 Greenwich St, New York, NY

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