We chatted with LA-based hairstylist, beauty entrepreneur, and lifestyle influencer Kahh Spence about his burgeoning beauty line, fashion tips, favorite travel destinations, and why self-care should always be your number one priority. 

Kahh Spence

How did you come to orbit the beauty world? 

I’ve been surrounded by beauty all my life. While my brothers were playing with wrestling toys, I’d be in my mother or aunt’s face playing with their hair. My aunt had a friend who owned a hair salon in Brooklyn so from age 10, I’d always go there with her. I remember one time, my aunt asked me to recreate a Mary J Blige blunt cut bob on her I was hooked.

What inspired the creation of your brand? 

Kahh Spence

Kahh Spence Beauty is a unisex beauty and lifestyle brand that is all about meshing luxury and affordability. The collection features a signature fragrance, candles, and diffusers – my latest offering Scented is a candle and reed diffuser set designed to bring a sense of calm and warmth into people’s homes with a vanilla-based scent. I am currently working on a new collection that will launch in early 2021 that I’m super excited about and can’t wait to share more.

Share your can’t live without beauty products?

Kahh Spence

My favorite product from my line is my signature fragrance Spence. When working on this scent, the vision was for it to be completely unisex with a luxurious smell like nothing you’ve ever smelled before. I first wore it on tour in Asia with a client and everyone kept asking what it was, little did they know I was wearing me haha. I also can’t live without my lip balm; my lips always have to be hydrated.

Describe your fashion style and must-have wardrobe essentials?

My personal style is super chill and relaxed. Lately, I’ve been wearing wide-leg pants, a hoodie, and a cool sneaker; it’s the most comfortable thing ever. The ultimate must-have wardrobe essential for me are comfortable shoes.

Divulge your top lifestyle tips? 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this challenging time is that self-care is not a luxury, but a priority. Beauty wise, my biggest tip is to maintain a healthy diet, because everything you consume affects your total body. As for fashion, a comfy sneaker or shoe that pairs with everything makes life much easier. 

Share your favorite travel destination? 

My favorite place in the world has to be Australia. I’ve been all over the continent, so I don’t necessarily have a favorite hotel, but the culture there is beautiful. 

Do you have a trip that changed your life?


My trip to Japan in 2017 touring with singer/songwriter Kehlani as her hairstylist changed my entire outlook. I never thought I’d be traveling for work so experiencing a trip like that opened my eyes to so much more. I was super inspired by everything in Japan and had the time of my life.

Any places you are longing to travel to?

The Maldives. My manager, Mecca Moore, is always showing me photos and videos from there so it’s my dream to take a group trip.

Are you a collector, what is your most treasured possession?

Kahh Spence

I just started collecting art. I recently commissioned an artist to paint my family and me, so moving forward, I’m going to start growing a collection of different types of paintings.

Favorite restaurant and cocktail? 

Honestly, I love Omar’s Kitchen in New York City. My family is from Jamaica, so to eat true, authentic Jamaican food is a blessing. My favorite drink is a Moscow Mule, hands down.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

If I’m not working, sleeping, shopping, or in bed watching a movie. I love to chill out when my life isn’t in such a frenzy; gives me time to unwind.

What’s your personal mantra in life?  

Never give up!