Renowned for its pastel-pink washed facades, Jaipur is a must for any traveler that lusts after gorgeous exteriors and sumptuous interior design. 250 years ago, the Sujan Rajmahal Palace was created as a personal pleasure garden for the people’s Queen of Jaipur. The Palace which is located on the outskirts of the city is still the home of the royal family, and also doubles as an opulent hotel. The Palace contains endless acres of perfectly manicured gardens, pristine pools, and wallpapered rooms that tell the rich history of Jaipur.

The wallpaper, designed by interior decorator Adil Ahmad, is truly unrivaled in both design and meaning. Intricate block prints of cypress trees, bold stripes, intertwining flora in hues of  pink, turquoise, and lime green give the whole palace a royally preppy aura which makes for the ultimate Jaipur getaway.