For our second installment of At Home with Standard Textile Home, we continue our story with one of our favorite tastemakers in the design and travel space, Ashley Stark-Kenner, creative director of STARK Carpet. For an inside look at how she brings the feeling of a luxury hotel stay to her home, we went straight to the source and asked Ashley about her bedtime rituals, how she unwinds, and of course – where she plans to travel to next.

Ashley Stark-Kenner is a power player in the world of opulent design. As and the third generation of STARK Carpet (the legendary carpet and fabric company founded by her grandparents in 1938), quality and luxury are ingrained in her DNA. Ashley’s love for fashion and design greatly influences her work, and she draws inspiration from the latest trends and global inspiration to stay ahead of the curve.

While Ashley spends considerable time seeking the next sought-after design, her time at home is invaluable. As a businesswoman, world-traveler, mother, and wife, Ashley knows the key to success is relaxation and a good night’s sleep. She’s spent many nights in luxury hotels from London to Greece, but nothing beats the comfort of home.

We sat down with Ashley in a chic TriBeCa loft to get a feel for how she incorporates the coveted Standard Textile Home products to capture the feeling of a luxury resort in her daily home life.

What are your bedtime rituals?

Pictured is the Innerloft Duvet Insert  and Cumulus Duvet in White

Ashley Stark-Kenner:After I tuck my kids in for the night I like to do my nightly regimen and get ready for bed. I am a firm believer in washing your face and using ALL the moisturizers, toners, and oils. The Waffle Towels from Standard Textile Home have been so wonderful and gentle on my face. I then love to slip on a comfy pajama set, run through my emails one last time and unwind in bed by watching one of my favorite shows or read a good book.”

What makes you hit snooze?

Pictured is the Innerloft Duvet Insert, Cumulus Duvet in White 

ASK: “Hitting snooze isn’t much of a reality for me. Between work, being a mom of three and a wife, they have all become my own personal alarm clock. A comfy bed with a plush duvet is always a draw to hit the snooze button. Which is why since I’ve gotten my Innerloft Insert and Cumulus Duvet I’ve noticed the snooze button has been used more often and the kids love to pile into our bed on the weekends for breakfast and cuddles.”

How do you define comfort at home?

Pictured is the Innerloft Duvet Insert, Cumulus Duvet in White, Chamberloft Pillows, and Cumulus Shams in White 

ASK: “I would define comfort at home as accessible luxury product that you can enjoy at home. It allows you to transport yourself to a 5-star hotel experience in the comfort of your own home. I truly look forward to the moment I climb into bed and sink into my Centium Satin Sheets—the Cumulus Duvet doesn’t disappoint either.”

What products make your home feel like a 5-star hotel?

Pictured is the Lynova Towels Wash Cloth in White 

ASK: “I have said this one too many times, but I could not live without my Centium Satin Sheets– they truly make my bed feel like I’m at a luxurious 5-Star hotel, the quality is incomparable. I also love a thick, soft towel after your shower or for washing your face before bed. The Lynova Towel set feels extremely plush and is soft on your skin. I also associate the color white with 5-star hotels and love that Standard Textile Home offers white in a large majority of their products.”

When it’s time to unwind, how do you bring the spa to you?

Pictured is the Innerloft Duvet Insert, Cumulus Duvet in White, Chamberloft Pillows, Cumulus Shams, and Centium Satin Pillowcases

ASK: “I love a good spa day but with work and being a mom that’s not always a reality. I love to unwind by opening a good bottle of wine, slipping into my favorite pjs and putting on a face mask. Sometimes I have the luxury after putting the kids to bed to draw a bath, light a few candles and put on some relaxing music—just to unwind and regroup.”

Where are you dreaming of traveling to next?

Pictured is the Innerloft Duvet Insert, Cumulus Duvet in White 

ASK: “Since I am fortunate enough to travel a lot for work, I am able to see some amazing places.  I would say I dream of vacations with my kids and my yearly trip to Paris. This trip is something I look forward to every year, and it is very special to me.”

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