Never Sleep | NYLO NYC

The Vibe: The NYLO NYC is the ultimate Millennial click-bait. Yep, we said it. The modern space on NYC’s Upper West Side was practically designed for Instagram. The hotel is widely-known for its emphasis on in-room self-care, trendy art, and wacky tequila concoctions Mixing tequila, pomegranate, flamed orange and sparkling wine may sound like an odd combo, but trust us, your taste buds will thank you. Piggybacking off of NYC’s latest health obsession, NYLO offers in-room Headspace meditation practice, so you can check in and chill out.


The signature cocktail menu is just as exciting as it is extravagant. The Brooklyn Mule, Uptown Avenue, and fruity pick-me-up, the Lost Voyage are as camera-ready as they are tasty. Make sure to take a snap before saying cheers!


The Sleep: Any Gossip Girl enthusiast will feel right at home in the chic rooms at NYLO. Whether you’re checking in for a full-blown weekend staycation or just need a place to hide your shopping bags before your boyfriend gets home, the NYLO has you covered.


The sleeping situation at the NYLO is not one to overlook. All guest rooms have “NYLO NYTE” beds that are feather free (yay for no middle of the night sneeze attacks!) and have combed-cotton triple sheeting for that “ah, hotel bed” feel.


For those who came to relax, let your hair down and unwind in your in-room tub, stocked with delicious smelling goodies from Pure.


Not in for the most relaxing trip to NYC? Boyfriend decided he wants to bring his whole family and his high school football coach? Sure! Noooo problem. NYLO has suite sizes ranging from a standard queen to a skyline penthouse, where you can take in the city vibes and views from the private balcony. The balcony gives you a perfect view of the Hudson River, so get your Instagram up and ready for that enviable shot.


The Taste: LOCL at NYLO brings sex appeal and fun to the hotel bar scene. The lounge itself is an eclectic mix of music from Spanish Harlem and speakeasies of the roaring 20s.


Top off your night with LOCL’s signature cocktail, the “Games Afoot,” for an original take on an espresso martini complete with chocolate covered espresso beans. Sure, it’ll keep you up all night, but what better place to have insomnia than in the city that never sleeps?


When it’s time for food, we encourage you to talk all but 2 feet downstairs to Serafina, a long-standing Manhattan staple for downhome Italian food. Not in the mood for pizza or pasta? The hotel also has RedFarm, a fast-casual Chinese joint with juicy dumplings that pack a punch and leave you full for hours. Trust us.


The Locale: The Upper West Side is a bit of a hike for some, but it’s also one of the only places in NYC you can escape to for some peace and quiet. Easily-accessible subway stations and attractions like Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, and Lincoln Center, are just a short walk away, so you have all of NY at your fingertips. The best of both worlds, no?