A beautifully designed and ambient working environment is the key to sparking inspiration and creativity (not to mention state of the art WiFi, facilities, and exceptional service). As we redefine our working lives and transition to a more nomadic way of being, the desire to seek out the perfect creative space becomes top of our to-do list. Enjoy our curated guide to the most chic, design-savvy coworking spaces in New York City.

Spring Place

Spring Place Coworking Space
Image Courtesy of Spring Place

Spring Place is the ultimate co-working, dining and entertainment hub for the fashion, creative and art crowd offering collaborative communal workspaces and private office spaces. A private members club in downtown TriBeCa, stunning city views with floor to ceiling windows and beautifully designed and curated interiors with an emphasis on mid century furniture, rich decor, vintage lighting, homey bookshelves and rotating art and photography installations provide a home away from home. Among the draws are Springs large scale studio spaces which are transformed into runways each season for New York Fashion Week, ‘Spring Terrace,’, a rooftop sun deck accented with luxe couches, outdoor garden, and breathtaking views of the city and the Italian inspired Spring Place Restaurant offering a Mediterranean style culinary experience.

The Wing, SoHo 

Coworking space at The Wing, Most Beautiful CoWorking Spaces in New York City
Image Courtesy of The Wing

The Wing’s largest outpost is a light airy two-level loft-style space in the heart of Soho. The design, which takes its cue from the hip, modern vibe of its downtown Soho location is the work of two Wing members interior designer Chiara de Rege and architect Alda Ly.  High warehouse-style windows, expansive skylights, and a fun, friendly jewel and pastel color palette evokes a relaxed yet chic atmosphere in which to cultivate the Wing’s mission of female empowerment through community (to that end there is a nap and pump room for busy working mothers). The major design statement for us is the decadent beauty room, adorned with custom-made wallpaper by illustrator Joana Avillez and Flat Vernacular’s Payton Turner, gilt French style mirrors, plush soft pink chairs, and modern art deco lighting.

The Ace Hotel’s Communal Workspace 

Coworking space at Ace Hotel New York City
Image Courtesy of Ace Hotel New York

One of our favorite spots in the Flatiron District, the Ace Hotel’s first-floor lobby is a fashionable, warm, and sophisticated public coworking workspace. Elevate your workday by grabbing a coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters and pull up a seat on one of the club chairs or custom-made 60s style red sectional sofas. The decor is a mix of contrasting styles and colors, with industrial influences and pastoral design. We love how the hotel has retained some of the charm of the building’s original architecture from the stained glass ceilings and mosaic tile floor while incorporating modern design elements like the highly talked about Michael Anderson graffiti sticker mural featured on the lobby staircase.

The Farm

The Farm Coworking Space, SoHo East
Image Courtesy of The Farm

The Farm are unique barn-like coworking spaces that ooze rustic American charm in the middle of the city (there are three Manhattan locations).  Each space is filled with pieces extracted from a century-old barn in Southern Missouri and literally rebuilt by hand to create an ‘old-style New York’ industrial aesthetic with an emphasis on nature and organic design and materials. Natural timber flooring, sunlight rooms, warm earthy tones, and the bucolic setting makes for a laid back environment where their burgeoning community of innovators and entrepreneurs can literally escape to the countryside amidst the buzz of Soho and Nomad.