If partying isn’t your thing, is traveling to Ibiza, Spain really worth it? The short answer is yes, of course. The long answer, is that there are so many untapped areas of this “party island” that are more geared towards travelers looking to unwind, fine-dine, and take in all of the beauty that is Spain.

Our advice? Ditch the strobe lights! Welcome to the other Ibiza…

TRIP: Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa is the place to kick back, relax, and avoid the rave crowd. The hotel is tucked away in the countryside, so it’s just far enough from the speakers to get you some peace and quiet. The Hotel itself is ultra-luxe, and perfect for anyone that appreciates the finer things in life or is looking for a self-indulgent retreat. You’ll be so busy enjoying the quiet pool area that you’ll forget about the crazy parties going on at Nikki Beach. As far as we’re concerned, we bring the party wherever we go.

TASTY: The Salvia Restaurant at the Ca Na Xica has a menu that satisfies all of your abroad cravings. From Gyoza to Paella, Salvia takes on dishes from Japan, to Spain and more fly-to-eat destinations. When booking a reservation, try to get into Salvia on a Saturday so you can see the live jazz performance.


TONE: While there are a plethora of magical spas across the island, La Posidonia is by far our favorite. By the time you leave La Posidonia Spa Ibiza, your spiritual and physical self will be more aligned than ever. The Spa specializes in SkinCeuticals spa treatments, which we are so here for. Soak up all of the Iberian nature while you can after your treatment. In Ibiza, you just never know how long the quiet will last.

Looking for a relaxing beach on the island, but not sure where to go to avoid the crowds? Here are the sandy spots that are WTF.


Formentera is 100% worth the short ferry trip. Here, you can choose to explore either Playa de Ses Illetes or Calo des Mor. These beaches are famed for their unexpectedly tropical vibe, with soft sands and beautiful blue waters. Neither choice will leave you disappointed.

Cala Comte

Many locals consider Cala Comte the best beach on the island, so it would be silly not to give it a shot out. While hiding from “The other Ibiza” on the beach, take in all that the island has to offer you. Stunning crystal-clear waters crash against the rocks that hug the beach and give you the feel of standing in the middle of your own private island. This place is also great for boosting that Instagram feed – the sunsets are not to be messed with. Lucky for you, you won’t be out until the sun rises, so retire back to your soft, comfy hotel bed and drift off into an uninterrupted sleep with the assurance that there is indeed another Ibiza.