La Mamounia

Said to be “the most lovely spot in the whole world” by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, La Mamounia – originally opened in 1923 – has been a symbol of traditional Moroccan hospitality and a classic example of the great age of grand hotels. With its decadent design, lavish pools, an intoxicating signature fragrance of cedar, date, and citrus, and lush gardens, this Moroccan gem is one of those rare places that has it all. We dream of their revitalizing Hammam, enchanting grounds, luxuriously comfortable suites, and unrivaled design inspiration.

COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate is nestled in a unique, spiritual enclave of jungle, river, and sun-rich clearings just north of Ubud. The Estate occupies a lush location next to the River Ayung, where it boasts its own sacred spring revered by locals for its healing properties, and endless activities to discover the wonderful outdoors. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Indonesian cuisine and enjoy the perfect balance of nutrition and sophistication found in decadent dishes using fresh local ingredients. Specialists in yoga and Pilates assist in providing inspiration, working in harmony with guides for mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and outdoor circuit training. We continue to dream of relaxation and restoration with COMO Shambhala’s signature massage therapies, beauty treatments, and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and more. Here, you can make a lasting commitment to change and embark on one of the many targeted Wellness Programs that help you make informed life changes that will last well beyond your stay. We look forward to treating our mind, body, and soul to COMO’s holistic, 360-degree approach and making the most of our time on the enchanting Estate again soon.

COMO Point Yamu

At the tip of Cape Yamu in Phuket awaits a Thai dream overlooking the sparkling Andaman Sea. Imagine yourself lounging in an outdoor pool after a relaxing treatment at COMO Shambhala Retreat or looking beyond the limestone cliffs at Phang Nga National Park and exploring the waters below rich with sea life. Enjoy vibrant Thai cuisine, watersports, and more at COMO Beach Club at Point Yamu, an exclusive location settled on the intimate island of Naka Yai. Imagine soon easing your mind and body with wellness treatments in a treehouse-inspired spa perched right on the white sand beach with a patio looking out onto the water before enjoying a refreshing cocktail by the shore.

Cathay Pacific

There is a belief among some travelers that “it is not the destination, but the journey” that matters most. Cathay Pacific argues that it’s both, and has endeavored to ensure the journey is just as memorable. In that vein, the luxury airline has introduced a dedicated yoga and meditation space at The Pier Business Class lounge. Designed in partnership with The Pure Group, The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga is a 700 square-foot area divided into two zones – The Body Sanctuary, which is dedicated to yoga, and The Mind Sanctuary, where travelers can meditate to focus and calm the mind. Close your eyes and imagine traveling while enjoying a space for gentle yoga with guided videos led by Pure Yoga teachers or choose to be secluded for self-practice. Within The Mind Sanctuary, there are two types of meditation - audio meditation: cushioned pods equipped with noise-canceling headphones and iPads. Dream of embarking on your next destination while listening to guided meditation sessions narrated by Pure Yoga’s expert teachers or enjoying a gazing meditation where comfortable cushions overlook graphics placed on the wall ahead and facilitate Trataka yoga practice.

Our final escapism journey is dedicated to the globetrotters at heart. Those of us who touch the ground just long enough to book the next flight. As travelers know, exploring the world is what cultivates the inner understanding of our own true north, a sense of purpose per se. As we have this time at home, remember to channel your deepest travel desires into meditation and planning. Just imagine your next escape and picture a journey filled with endless discovery.