Instagram’s Favorite Foodie, @CY_Eats shares her drool-worthy moments from Santo Domingo.

While staying in Santo Domingo, we saw that you indulged in a little fried cheese for breakfast – our dream come true! Do you have any advice for someone traveling to The Dominican Republic on a must-eat breakfast item for Dominican Breakfast?


CY: You have to go full-blown Dominican breakfast! Mangu (mashed plantains), Queso Frito, Salami, Pickled Onions and a Fried Egg! It’s meant to be eaten together for good reason – it all goes so well together. With each bite, you get a feel for the homey culture and cuisine of the Dominican people.


As seen on your Instagram (@cy_eats), you ordered some “off the menu” calamari from Winston’s at JW Marriot Hotel Santo Domingo. What is it about the allure of secret menu items? Would you ever travel to a destination for one specific dish?


CY: People love to be “in the know” so secret menu dishes go hand in hand with that. I am thrilled when a local shares an off-menu chef specialty with me because you know it will really be good.

I have never traveled to a destination for a specific dish, but I would if it was that droolworthy!


During your recent travel to Santo Domingo, you attended Bocao Food Festival. If you could have three travel wishes granted, what dishes from the festival would you wish onto your plate right now?


CY: Oooooh that’s a tough one! 1) Definitely the Jaragua Mini Burger from the Renaissance Jaragua. The crispy fried plantain bun and the quality of the meat were excellent! That way I could also go back to their restaurant for the Surf & Turf Pasta – DROOOOOL! 2) Lamb Chops from Pate Palo! I definitely want to check this restaurant out next time I visit Santo Domingo! 3) Oh My Freaking Cookie from La Desserterie! I’m not even a sweets person, but this cookie spoke to me. I need to visit their bakery too one day; supposedly they have the best croissants, and I looooove a flaky, buttery croissant.


At Travel Curator, we often ask ourselves if something is “WTF” (worth traveling for). Was there one memorable moment on your recent trip to Santo Domingo that would bring you back again? 

CY: I’m rife with indecision because there was so much I loved about the city, so I’m going to share all of my favorites. I LOVED Neptuno’s at Boca Chica. It’s like one giant beach party but on a pier overlooking the crystal blue water. PLUS the food was excellent. I also LOVED the JW Marriott’s infinity pool right by the restaurant. I feel like it’s screaming for me to return to take a pic while eating that delicious off menu fried calamari and a cocktail in the pool. Finally, the Chicharron from Buche Perico was exactly what an excellent crispy, meaty, fatty Chicharron should taste like. That was HEAVEN.


We’re sure you get this question all the time, but how do you manage to stay fit while tasting indulgent dishes from all over the world? Share your secrets!


CY: I actually did not work out one single time on my trip to Santo Domingo because we were so busy eating J I’m very #blessed to love working out. I am a fitness class junkie, and when I’m home in NYC, I do about 15 classes a week (and sometimes more). I’m a Flybarre/Flywheel addict, and I also have a minor obsession with Fhitting Room, Barry’s Bootcamp and Body Space Fitness. I’ve also been trying to run more so when I’m traveling, I usually try to run a few miles. My other secret is WATER. I drink about 2 GALLONS A DAY, and I’m convinced that is a big help as well. I eat A LOT, so even with the amount I workout, I should still be larger than I am, so the only thing it can be is the water. Or good genes 😉