The Creator of Calla in Motion shares her island favorites.


What is your idea of the perfect getaway?

It usually includes something water related. Or nature in general. I love getaways that allow me to return home feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than when I left. Throw in some yoga and anything that connects the mind-body and I’m sold!

Have you been to Grand Cayman before? If so, what is one special moment you had in Grand Cayman that you still hold close to your heart?

I visited Grand Cayman in high school and I remember swimming with stingrays. This trip recently was especially memorable because I was able to explore the island with a true hero, Mr. Jean-Michel Cousteau and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. For a water lover this was a dream!

How/what do you pack for a trip like this? Is there one specific thing your luggage is never without?

On a trip like this I’ll always pack a rash guard swimsuit, GoPro, and camera gear. I’m also never without a caftan, usually from Su, my seashell earrings and a yoga outfit.

How do you prepare for a trip to Grand Cayman? Last minute intense workouts? Juice cleanses? 

I always get an organic spray tan before I go. It just gives that perfect glow so when you arrive you can slip on a swimsuit and enjoy the water. I’m also never without Kava Kava root extract to ease travel anxiety before early flights. I’ll also make sure to include probiotics in my daily routine leading up to an international journey. I love The Beauty Chef travel powders. I almost never get sick!

When in Grand Cayman, what sunscreen do you count on to protect your skin from the sun’s powerful rays?

So one thing I learned from Mr. Cousteau was that the chemicals in our sunscreens are toxic to the ocean. Since Grand Cayman is one of the premier sanctuaries for reefs and marine life I’ll make sure to exclude Oxybenzone to do a small part to protect them. Supergoop Mineral sunscreen and BeautyCounter are favorites because they have skin loving benefits and add protection. I also love rashguards for this reason to cover up. Cover swimwear makes some chic options with built in protection.


What is one thing not a lot of people know about Grand Cayman? Can you fill us in on any secret spots? 

Grand Cayman has incredible biodiversity! Yes the Seven Mile Beach is fantastic but the island also has amazing mangroves to explore via kayak, a beach with tons of starfish, and bioluminescent bays. Make sure to get off the beaches and into a boat to get the full understanding of how beautifully complex the island is! Grand Cayman also has an incredible food scene! Lunch at Camana Bay is a peaceful way to enjoy the scenery while sampling some good internationally influenced food. I went home very well fed.

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