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Our mission at Travel Curator is to offer you a highly-curated, inspirational set of the destinations, hotels, and experiences you need to know about to inspire wanderlust or to help you plan your next getaway. Curated by our global collective of editors, passionate travelers, and luxury lovers, we unearth the best hidden gems, newest hotspots, and life-changing experiences from destinations all over the world. Consider us your trusted friend who travels a lot — we will always share our insider tips to ensure your journey is as easy as it is unforgettable.

Our love of travel runs deep — we want to inspire you at every turn and recommend the places we can’t wait to visit again. From 5-star accommodations in the Caribbean to a hole-in-the-wall gelato shop you can’t miss the next time you’re in Italy, we provide trusted suggestions (because we’ve been there, done that) to provide you with the service and inspiration you need to make your getaway memorable. 

Just as much as we are a travel brand, we are all about a luxury lifestyle, too. We have a well-curated point of view with a local eye on where to stay, shop, eat, play and dream. You’ll not only find us covering where to go next and how to get there, but we’ll help you pack for your trip, introduce you to local-loved boutiques, ensure that your experiences are memorable, inspire your next meal at home or abroad, help you transform your home into a well-curated worldly space, and spark your interest for things to see all over the world. 

We’re excited to help you discover what’s Worth Traveling For.

Meet the Travel Curator Team

Deanne Kaczerski
Editor in Chief
Fiona Riesch
Global Managing Director
Lauren Levinson
Director of Editorial Operations
Shari Mycek
Senior Editor
Alexandra DeVita & Jennifer Merchant
Social Media
Sales Team:
Henry Watkins, Milena Calzoni, Maria Coyne

Regular Contributors: Becca Hensley, Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Dobrina Zhekova, Cara Gibbs, Katie McElveen, Susan Barnes, Katie Chang, Heidi Mitchell, Debbie Ketchum-Kickham, Lauren Sarazan, Madeline Weinfield, Kathryn Romeyn, Brandon Pearlman

Editorial Policy

We oversee every article, from pitch to publish. Our commitment to producing quality and trustworthy content and adhering to high editorial standards and processes is our top priority — hey, we wouldn’t tell you to go somewhere or do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. We review our content on a regular basis for factual accuracy, ensuring that you’re getting the most up-to-date information on a destination, place, or product.

Factual Reporting

Sometimes mistakes happen, or information changes. We will fix any factual errors as quickly as possible and encourage you to bring those to our attention. Please email contactus@travelcurator.com and be sure to include “Factual Error” in the subject line.

Affiliate Links

Occasionally, we write about products we love or have tried ourselves. If you buy something from the links in those stories we may earn a commission, but we will always be transparent about it.

Conflicts of Interest

We require that our contributors, writers, and editors disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest when pitching a story. 

Whether we’re working with our advertising partners or creating outstanding luxury editorial content, we maintain a separation between those two types of content. Oftentimes, we will organically write about a hotel or destination, but our sponsored content will have a disclosure. We also hand-select our advertising partners to ensure a good fit for our readers

Our founder, Melanie Brandman, is also the founder of The Brandman Agency. We are two very separate, distinct entities that do not influence the other.

Diversity and Inclusion

Discovery, respect, and wanderlust is at the core of everything we do. We know travel is a privilege, but it also has the ability to positively impact local communities and people across the globe. There is still a lot of work to be done — we welcome your feedback and suggestions by emailing us at contactus@travelcurator.com and including “D&I Feedback” in the subject line. While we are a small but growing brand, we promise to recruit and amplify Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) editors, writers, and contributors wherever we a presence; and highlight highlight local culture and people wherever we travel.

We want you to comment on everything we post on our social media channels, but ask that you are respectful. We do not tolerate any hate speech or any comments that violate platform guidelines — we will remove your comment as soon as we see it. If you happen to see any comments that contain hate speech on our social media posts, please help us by reporting those accounts.

We know that underrepresented groups have not always had a voice in the travel space. We want our stories to include points of view from all communities, including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, those with physical and invisible disabilities, and women.


Trust is important to us and so we adhere to strict journalistic standards when it comes to information sourcing for a story. Our writers will only use reputable sources that include experts, airlines, tourism boards, local governments, hotels, and academic and professional institutions. When we source a study, we will only use sources that are reputable with data and claims that are well reported and backed.

Press Trips

Travel Curator editors and select contributors often work with tourism boards, tour operators, brands, airlines, and hotel properties to support coverage. This allows us to have a first-hand experience and thoroughly report on a destination, experience, hotel, or airline stories that present a deeper look into a destination. We do not cover any destinations, restaurants, hotels, or tours that we wouldn’t travel for.

How to Write for Us

Interested in contributing to Travel Curator? We’re always looking for fresh ideas from writers, photographers, and content creators with a wide range of ideas and backgrounds that will inspire and empower our audience to discover and experience the best in travel. Please email our editor in chief with PITCH in the subject line.

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To report a technical issue with our site, please contact us at contactus@travelcurator.com and include TECHNICAL ISSUE in the subject line.