The milky blue waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, surrounded by endless moss-covered lava fields, have made it one of the country’s most prominent landmarks. But this partially man-made geothermal pool (it dates back to 1976) is so much more than just an Instagram-worthy moment. Its hot healing waters are rich in minerals and bioactive elements, especially silica and algae, a combination with many skincare benefits, which inspired the creation of the Blue Lagoon skincare line in 1995. 

We caught up with Ása Brynjólfsdóttir, Blue Lagoon’s director of research and development, and an East Iceland native, who shared with us her favorite under-the-radar (read: non-touristy) spots in the Land of Fire and Ice, and how to take care of your skin this cold-weather season.

Credit: Courtesy of Blue Lagoon

Travel Curator: What are your favorite destinations in Iceland?

Ása Brynjólfsdóttir: Being in nature is my go-to [activity] for unwinding. For my day-to-day recharge, I love going for a hike on Helgafell, a small mountain near Reykjavik. The beautiful views from the top are the perfect treat after the brisk hike. I love skiing, and there’s a very nice skiing area near the capital — Bláfjöll. 

For food, my favorite restaurant is [Michelin-rated] Moss here at the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon. The environment is stunning. The views over the lava fields are beautiful, and you can enjoy Icelandic food of a very high quality. It’s a really special restaurant where the chefs take you on a culinary journey.

TC: What is your favorite Blue Lagoon spa treatment?

AB: It is the Blue Lagoon facial, where we use the Silica Mud Mask for deep cleansing, the nourishing Algae Mask, and the BL+ serum with BL+ Complex, based on the extraordinary ingredients from the Blue Lagoon water. The BL+ line is very powerful and fights signs of skin aging, nourishes and protects, boosts collagen [production], and helps keep the skin barrier healthy. 

Credit: Courtesy of Blue Lagoon

TC: How should we care for our skin during winter?

AB: Start with clean skin, and then I recommend the BL+ serum, which is hydrating and has BL+ Complex and hyaluronic acid to boost collagen and deeply hydrate the skin. Then, I would apply a rich nourishing cream with good bio-active ingredients or ingredients that protect the skin barrier, like the BL+ Cream and our newest addition the BL+ Eye Cream.

The BL+ Complex is paired with other ingredients such as ceramides, squalene, panthenol, niacinamide, and bakuchiol that nourish, moisturize, firm, and provide a smooth appearance to the delicate eye area. The texture is rich, silky smooth, and the eye cream melts right in.

[It’s a] simple yet very effective routine. In this crisp weather, moisturization and supporting the skin barrier with good occlusive creams is everything.

Featured image: Courtesy of Blue Lagoon