We visited a quiet resort in the mountainous region of Ecuador just an hour’s drive from Quito. It was a day trip to the quiet town of Otavalo, famous for intricately woven fabrics. The stalls of the markets were filled with these textiles making it one of the most beautiful markets in the world. After browsing for what may have been hours we settled on a large blanket of pinks and oranges. Its reminiscent of the sunrise, of new beginnings, exactly the feelings this trip to Ecuador had brought us. Exactly the feelings we’d hope to remember when using it back home.

Travel shapes who we are as human beings. Trips and cities leave imprints on our hearts that often last a lifetime. Surrounding ourselves with mementos of those experiences is a way to keep those memories alive. Sometimes a painting or item purchased in a destination is the right fit. Other times you want a more subtle nod to travel or city. This list of travel decor speaks to both styles of wanderlust decor.

Large Travel Prints

When you see the definitions of your favorite words written out, it’s like looking in the mirror. The very things that make you who you are written in black and white. These Definition Prints speak to a more minimalist aesthetic without compromising style. Pick from words like travel, wanderlust, or have a custom piece done. 

Another beautiful and customizable piece is a departure board. It would fit in seamlessly at an art gallery. The font is unique and very distinguishable. Customize it to include some of your favorite cities or perhaps as a list of places you have yet to check off your list. 

If you’re looking for a splash of color for your walls, look no further than vintage airline posters. These posters were used by all different airlines to promote the destination they were flying to at the time. Try gathering posters from multiple airlines heading to a big destination like Paris. Each one will showcase the city through a different lens providing unique illustrations and perspectives.

Suitcase Turntable

Retro in every sense of the word, this Crosley Portable USB Turntable works as an accent piece of even the focal point of a room. The suitcase design gives a nod to traveling without being too direct. The turntable comes in a neutral black and brown or a more vibrant white and red color scheme. Once you have the turntable, checking out great record shops will be a natural addition to all your travel itineraries.

Latin American Textiles

Time spent in South or Central America will leave you familiar with the vibrant textiles of the region. In many parts of the world, like Otavalo, Ecuador, these blankets, ponchos, and tapestries are still woven by hand. The patterns and colors used to tell stories of the region in which they were produced and add a colorful punch to any room. Ecuadane is one of our favorite companies making its blankets in Ecuador. Besides offering a wide variety of colors and patterns, each product is made using high quality and ethically sourced materials.

Travel Coffee Table Books

Beautiful coffee table books have the ability to fuel your wanderlust like few other things. Use this article to start building a stunning stack of your own. Coffee table books are large and packed with stunning photography. Not only are the books a great addition to your travel-inspired decor they are also fun conversation pieces to share with guests. A few of our favorites like Paris in Color and Green Escapes also have amazing pops of color on their covers. 

Check out some of our favorite travel coffee table books to help you get your collection started.

English Tea Sets

A full English tea set, not only looks beautiful but is perfect for hosting your own high tea party or sipping on your favorite English breakfast tea. A quality tea set is an heirloom piece you can hold onto forever. You’ll build cherished memories over each steaming cup. Tea sets typically come in floral or single-color designs and while a simple white matches everything, there is something undeniably romantic and nostalgic about sipping from beautiful floral cups.


Did you know that may of your favorite hotels have their own cookbooks? These cookbooks provide the recipes they use to delight your tastebuds but also provide some anecdotes on the property itself. The memories of your nights spent there will come rushing back each time you catch a glimpse of it. 

The pages of Peru: The Cookbook is flooded with delicious traditional Peruvian recipes. The instructions on how to perfect favorites like ceviche and lomo saltado are sandwiched between pages of lesser know classics. The cover of the book represents a traditional Peruvian tapestry that would look gorgeous on any shelf. 

Lunch in Paris is another cookbook that will seriously upgrade your bookshelf. If you’ve previously felt intimidated by French food, this book provides the steps to making some wonderfully simple meals. You’ll have transported to France before cracking the front cover.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is as much a feeling as it is aesthetic. Highlighted by minimally designed furniture, mixed textures, muted color palates, and pops of color. Scandinavian design is intended to promote calm and relaxation. A great place to start incorporating touches of Scandi design is in your bedroom. By eliminating some of the clutter and adding luxurious bedding like this set from Marimekko, one of Sweden’s most popular brands, you’ll take a first step towards following the Danish example and bring more hygee into your daily life.


If you are looking for home decor that is inspired by travel, look no further than the map that got you there. From map inspired wallpaper to framed vintage maps to globes, maps make for beautiful decorations because of their uniqueness — each line a vein to a city that’s it’s own. If New York City has your heart, a detailed map of your favorite borough would be a great addition. Perhaps nothing is more New York than the subway making a large detailed subway map a true statement piece.