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Is there anything better than checking into a beautiful hotel, entering your well-appointed home for the next few days and immediately indulging in the luxurious amenities? We certainly can’t think of anything. But to even go a step further, when your bathroom is more akin to a spa, then you’ve really hit the hospitality jackpot. Part of the allure of travel lies in these indulgent experiences that elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Here we explore design-led hotel bathrooms, where opulence meets necessity, and pampering oneself becomes an art form. Join us on a tour of the globe’s most inspired accommodations, where each bathroom is a sanctuary of both style and luxury.

The Mark Hotel, New York, NY

mint and marble bath at the mark hotel, new york city
Courtesy, The Mark Hotel

For those seeking the pinnacle of modern luxury, you can find it on the Upper East Side behind the stately doors of The Mark Hotel. Renowned designer Jacques Grange brings his bold vision and meticulous attention to detail to each private space, creating an atmosphere of quiet opulence. Yet, it’s within the bathrooms that the real wow-factor moments are revealed. Classic black and white stripes lead to floating mint green vanities lavishly adorned with indulgent skincare and serene retreat vibes radiate from every touchpoint. In this hotel, urban sophistication reaches new heights as every aspect of your stay, especially the bathroom experience, is a testament to uncompromising luxury. A stone’s throw from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, would we really expect anything less from this location? 

Hotel Calimala, Florence, Italy

Nestled in the heart of Florence, Hotel Calimala is a celebration of the city’s artistic heritage and contemporary design. Architect and interior designer Alex Meitlis masterfully blends the old with the new, creating 38 stylish rooms that exude timeless beauty. The bathrooms pay homage to the famed Battistero di San Giovanni, featuring tri-colored terrazzo flooring in olive green or amber, immersing guests in an aesthetic inspired by Florence’s rich history. The high ceilings, exposed stone, and tri-color terrazzo floors pay homage to the city’s artistic heritage, effortlessly harmonizing with modern furnishings and marble finishes. But it’s in the bathrooms that the true essence of opulence unfolds. Immerse yourself in a private retreat where every detail, from the fixtures to the intricate design, speaks of luxury. Stay, sleep, relax, and bask in the lavish ambiance that is sure to define a stay.

NoMad London, England

classic bath at nomad Llndon
Courtesy, NoMad London

Within NoMad London, the line between bathroom and bedroom is not just blurred but purposefully erased, creating an artistic fusion that transcends traditional boundaries. Here, there’s no rigid division of space — instead, the hotel encourages the beauty of unity between these two distinct spaces, intertwining them in a dance of design and functionality. The essence of this approach becomes apparent in the bathrooms, where the thoughtful integration of nature and architecture mirrors the overarching vision of the hotel. As Roman and Williams eloquently put it, “We loved how nature was breaking into this strong, masculine building — the femininity creeping in was a big inspiration. We wanted to let the sunshine in, to liberate it.” This vision manifests in the bathrooms of NoMad London, where elements of nature, sunlight, and design converge to create a harmonious space that liberates the traditional confines of a hotel bathroom. A reflection of thoughtful design, the bathroom becomes a beautiful extension of the hotel’s overall design ethos, carefully devised to evoke a sense of liberation and inspiration. Allowing the beauty of nature and the strength of architecture to coalesce, each bathroom is not just a functional necessity but an integral part of the hotel’s commitment to creating an environment that both captivates and liberates the senses.

Il Sereno, Lake Como, Italy

bathroom, il sereno, lake como
Courtesy, Il Sereno

On the picturesque shores of Lake Como, Il Sereno‘s commitment to design excellence extends past the common spaces, stunning restaurant vistas, expansive interiors and guest rooms, and into the breathtaking bathrooms. Creating a transcendent experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds them, these design-first bathrooms pay homage to the stunning landscape by integrating it into the guest’s private space. The hotel invites guests into a world of sleek and serene ambiance, courtesy award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola. With sweeping views of arguably the most iconic lake in Italy, the bathroom, a tranquil haven within each room, allows guests to luxuriate in the comfort of a bath while being captivated by Lake Como.

Rooms Hotel Batumi, Batumi, Georgia

Fresh on the scene, Rooms Hotel Batumi introduces a dynamic spirit to the city, fusing Georgian tradition with innovative design. Conceived by founder Temur Ugulava and the Rooms Studio design firm, the hotel draws inspiration from Japanese, European, and LA styles. The haven that is the bathroom seamlessly blends modern sophistication with the rich material-forward tapestry of the region. Here, the intricate details meet functionality, offering guests a private retreat within this bustling coastal paradise. In the heart of Batumi, where ancient Roman ruins echo the city’s storied past, Rooms Hotel Batumi adds a contemporary touch to the city’s rich historical roots, ensuring every moment, even in the bathroom, is a luxurious experience.

Santa Monica Proper, California

bathroom, santa monica proper, california
Courtesy, Santa Monica Proper

In Santa Monica Proper, luxury extends beyond the rooms and into the meticulously crafted bathrooms, where iconic interior designer, Kelly Wearstler, channels her material-first mindset to redefine indulgence. No detail is left unturned in these expansive bathrooms, each further proof to Wearstler’s commitment to elevating the ordinary any chance she gets. Here, the bathroom experience is a sensory journey. Immerse yourself in a space adorned with Aesop soaps, bathed in modern lighting that plays with shadows, and enveloped in a harmonious blend of tactile textures. Here, functionality meets artistry, creating a sanctuary that is not only a practical part of your stay but an integral element of the hotel’s overall design philosophy. As part of a hotel that redefines luxury on the Westside, the bathrooms at Santa Monica Proper reflect the property’s commitment to a looser kind of luxury. With ocean breezes and natural light streaming in, these spaces become artful and serene sanctuaries. 

Hôtel Les Deux Gares, Paris, France

Situated between Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, Hôtel Les Deux Gares, designed by English interior designer Luke Edward Hall, welcomes travelers with warmth and charm — and a big dose of pattern. The colorfully clad bathrooms at this Parisian gem are a delightful homage to a bygone era, transporting guests to a time when getting dressed to the nines and painting the town red were the order of the day. Each bathroom within this vibrant establishment invites you to embrace a spectrum of colors at every turn — from blush pinks juxtaposing cherry reds and vibrant yellows colliding with avocado greens — creating spaces that are as visually stunning as they are functional. The offbeat and colorful bedrooms provide a comfortable stay in the heart of Paris, making sure that every aspect of your experience — the vibrant rooms to the uniquely styled bathrooms — is a celebration of style and functionality.

Cover image by The Mark Hotel; words by Cara Gibbs.

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