The beach is calling. So we asked the most influential beauty editors in the world- we’re talking the gurus behind Goop, Vogue, Elle – to share what’s in their beach bag and their ultimate summer beauty and skin-saving tips.

Jean Godfrey-June, Goop Beauty Editor


Share your summer vacation plan? I’m going to visit my daughter in Fallon, NV (site of some Nomadland scenes), backpack with my mom in the Sierras (she’s 79 and still backpacking furiously), visit my sister in Iceland, and hopefully get to the beach (Amagansett? Orient Point?) with my boyfriend. I’d also love to return to the epic swimming hole I discovered last summer at the Shandankan Inn near Phoenicia, NY.

What’s in your travel beach bag? Organic Pharmacy SPF 50, I use it for the face and body a. It smells good, feels good, is moisturizing, weightless, blends in seconds and the tube looks chic too. It’s 100% mineral, so made without chemical ingredients which have the potential to disrupt hormones, irritate the skin, and kill coral. I also carry a Larq water bottle best because they’re miraculously self-cleaning,  Entomologist, by clean perfumer Douglas Little, is an insect-repelling gel that’s also a subtle sophisticated perfume, and Megababe Green Deodorant smells so fresh and it works. It’s from Katie Sturino, whose smart, funny new book, Body Talk, must be read by every woman who’s ever had a moment’s apprehension before putting on a bathing suit. I am something of a Howard Hughes about the sun—my stepfather died of skin cancer—so I’ve also got hats, coverups, and beach umbrellas, and I only go earlier in the morning or when the sun’s setting, the light’s prettier then anyway.

Any expert summer skincare tips? Every person, of every skin type, should put on vitamin C first thing in the morning – all year long – but especially in the summer because topical vitamin C has shown to have a sun-protective effect. It’s certainly not sunscreen, but why not give your skin every possible advantage? GOOPGLOW 20% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum, stays potent for three months—you mix the adorably-packaged hyaluronic -serum base with the powdered vitamin C —I love that you know its working and you see the results in less than a week.

In Jean’s Beach Bag

Goop Glow, Organic Pharmacy & Entomologist

Maya Allen, InStyle Beauty Director


Tell us your summer travel itinerary? I just returned from a work trip in the Hamptons at the beautiful Shou Sugi Ban House, which was a lovely wellness retreat. If you’re looking to zen out and luxuriate in a peaceful oasis, that is the place. I have an upcoming visit to Cannes with a beauty brand that I’m over the moon about. I’m so happy to be my sister’s Maid of Honor and planning a mother-daughter trip to Malibu this summer to celebrate our bride-to-be. Traveling creates the best memories and sparks joy and inspiration. I’m so grateful to reemerge into the world and take in all it has to offer.  

What will we find in your beach bag? I connect scents with fond memories, so perfume always plays a huge part in my travel bag. Lately, I’ve been loving Louis Vuitton’s On the Beach, which smells like a sunny vacation in a bottle. I always pack a glow-getting sunscreen, like Supergoop! SPF 50 Glow Oil, Laneige Lip Balm, sunglasses, and a thick stack of magazines for a good read. Oh, and how could I ever forget about portable speakers? They’re the ultimate beach bag essential to set the vibe.

Share your expert editor skincare tips? I’m never without sunscreen and one of my favorites is Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops SPF 50. Swap heavy, rich moisturizers for lightweight gel-based textures that sink right into the skin. Also, there’s nothing wrong with getting glam in a heatwave, you just have to make humidity your friend. Put down the powders and maximize your skin’s radiance by using cream-based products, like blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter, that seamlessly blend into the skin and leave behind a sun-kissed glow.

In Maya’s Beauty Bag

Bose Bluetooth Speaker, Laneige Lip Balm & Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops

George Driver, Elle UK Acting Beauty Director


Where are you heading this summer? After a year of ticking off one British coast after another, I’ve optimistically booked a week-long getaway to Kefalonia in Greece with my three favorite women. If not, it’ll be a Cornwall cottage staycation. Padstow in the summer is almost as good as a Greek island right?

What will you pack in your beach bag? A Susanne Kaufmann bag filled with luxe skincare Dr Barbara Sturm and La Mer. I’ll also stuff my Loewe basket bag stuffed full of Vichy’s new SPF gel – a game-changer for dry, pale skin), Bioderma after sun (for the bits the SPF missed), Dior’s lip oil for a sand-friendly non-sticky gloss, and the ultimate luxury in seaside hydration, a Fendi water bottle.

Divulge your top tips for summer skin? SPF, SPF, and more SPF. There is no underestimating how important it is and with so many new formulas that are lightweight and suit all skin tones, there’s no excuse not to smother yourself in factor 50. Besides, sunbathing is way more fun when you’re not worrying about looking like a lobster the next day.

In George’s Beach Bag 

Bioderma after sun, Fendi water bottle & Dior lip oil

Frederique Verley, Vogue Paris Beauty and Wellness Editor


Where are vacationing this summer? In my summer house, in the north of Brittany, where it’s never too hot. 

Share your ultimate beach bag essentials? Caudalie Milky Sun SprayKorres After SunEsthederm Protective Face Care because it really helps your skin to tan, Kos Vanilla Lip Balm to avoid dry lips due to the sun and wind, and my Saint Laurent sunglasses. 

Top tips for summer skin?  Hydrate your skin in the morning, I love Herve Herau Extra Rich Cream Gel, then apply sunscreen. And always have a look at your skin during the day to check for redness. If you see your skin blushes, cover-up. It’s also important to drink water all day long and eat all kinds of fruit for extra anti-free-radical protection and vitamins. 

In Frederique’s Beach Bag

Caudalie Milky Sun SprayEsthederm Protective Face Care & Saint Laurent sunglasses

Sigourney Cantello, Beauticate Founder and Beauty Editor 


What are your summer vacation plans? I’m hoping to get back to Western Australia. The beaches are beautiful. The kids loved meeting the quokkas at Rottnest Island, the Margaret River is beautiful and has amazing wines and Broome for a camel ride. 

Share your beach bag essentials? My kindle loaded with something riveting.  Ultra Violette Queen Screen Sunscreen, Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30 in Rhubarb, Salt by Hendrix Body Glow bronzing body oil, and a tubing mascara to prevent panda eyes.  My current favorite is FAIRYDROPS Hyper Quattro Mascara II, Film-type, Water-resistant, Black. 

What about your tips for summer skin? Layer your skincare and go light. I love mists and lotions when the heat is on. Minenssey SOS Mist contains Australian flannel flower which is super quenching. I love Aesop Protective Body Lotion as it’s scented with spearmint leaf so it doesn’t smell like a typical sunscreen, it’s more like a refreshing body lotion. For that summer glow, The Elle Effect faux tan for the body and Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow pads for the face, you just swipe them over your skin and they exfoliate while adding a hint of color. 

In Sigourney’s Beach Bag

Lanolips Tinted Balm , FAIRYDROPS Mascara & Aesop Body Lotion