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The bio-hacking tech set and luxury lovers have found their oasis (and IV infusion playground) in Hawaii at the Four Seasons Resort Maui. With the concept of ‘aging gracefully’ at the forefront of the wellness landscape, there’s been a dominant focus on longevity, healing joints, and feeling our energetic best (think: the immortal appeal of a Greek God and Goddess, sans the mythological drama). 

“We’re seeing increased interest from our patients in enhancing their longevity and focusing more on their long-term health while on vacation, “ says Darshan Shah, M.D. & CEO of Next|Health, who designed Four Seasons Resort Maui’s white-glove Longevity Protocol. “The program includes cutting-edge treatments like ozone therapy, stem cells, exosomes, and NAD+ — all designed to help our guests feel their best and return home rejuvenated.” 

It doesn’t hurt that they receive their Longevity treatments at the picturesque Maui property — setting of the first first season of the HBO series, The White Lotus

“Longevity treatments work better when [patients] are in a relaxed state of mind, with minimal inflammation internally,” explains Dr. Shah. While each therapy session is impactful solo and on its own, the complete four-day protocol ($44,000) acts as an age-defying powerhouse.”

More on each: 

Ozone Therapy

The Treatment: Consists of ten ozone infusions, which are similar to IV drips except they also involve the separation and oxygenation of the blood. The entire process takes between 30-40 minutes and while it sounds intense, it’s actually quite relaxing and goes by quickly.

The Benefits: Ozone therapy is known to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and help with cognitive and mental clarity. The process encourages bio-rejuvenation, which has the potential to leave you feeling completely refreshed and revitalized.

Stem Cell Therapy

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The Treatment: Introduces new healthy stem cells to reduce degeneration and inflammation. Stem Cell Therapy at Four Seasons Resort Maui is performed via IV infusion and the Longevity Protocol program includes three rounds of stem cell therapy.

The Benefits: As we age, our supply of stem cells diminishes and can also mutate, which reduces their quality and ability to repair and regenerate tissues in the body. Bringing new healthy stem cells into the body can potentially help overall cell communication, helping the body operate more efficiently.

Exosome Therapy 

The Treatment: Uses tiny intracellular messenger bubbles that carry important genetic material and information to influence the behavior and function of other existing cells in the body through an IV.  

The Benefits: Helps promote a healthier cellular environment. While exosomes are not cells themselves (nor do they contain DNA), they are carriers of the information that influences the functions and DNA expression of existing cells in the body. Exosomes transfer crucial information between cells to initiate healing and maintain cellular health.


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The Treatment: Dubbed the “Fountain of Youth,” (my own NYC-based general physician recently brought it up to me), NAD+ is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme present in every cell within our bodies. Delivered in IV drip form, my jet-lag symptoms disappeared, a rosy glow appeared on my cheeks, my eyes were brighter, and I had a consistent energy flow for the rest of my trip. 

The Benefits: As children, we have an ample supply of NAD+, which is why we wake up with energy and never tire out, but as we grow older, our NAD+ production diminishes, resulting in a 40% reduction by the time we reach age 40. This decline is a contributor to the signs of aging, including wrinkles, decreased mobility, reduced mental clarity, and diminished energy levels. NAD+ therapy can help with recovery, inflammation, 

Longevity IV

The Treatment: A potent combination of taurine, L-carnitine, vitamin C and multivitamin base (known by IV insiders as the Myers Cocktail) of vitamin B, B-complex, calcium, magnesium, and sodium bicornuate. 

The Benefits: A multi-faceted ‘no-brainer’ IV drip that will enhance your immunity (perfect after a flight), and the production of glutathione which promotes the detoxification of free radicals. This IV is a great superhero cocktail which has been shown to help some with skin and hair health, stress response, and cognitive function. 

More About Four Seasons Resort Maui 

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Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui

Should IV drips and stem cells not be on your bucket list (but maybe they should be), traveling to Four Seasons Resort Maui will still naturally evoke a reawakening (don’t forget Jennifer Coolidge’s character, Tanya McQuoid. had quite the Maui renaissance). Surrounded by nature — whales, volcanoes, egrets, sea turtles, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets — the resort’s five-star rooms and suites come with Frette linens, idyllic ocean views, and marble bathrooms (complete with music options ranging from traditional Hawaiian to classical). There are also three saltwater pools and luxury cabanas (be sure to check out the Missoni-designed cabanas at the Adult Pool), with attendants passing out treats like fruit popsicles and smoothies. Dining, too, is top-notch with standouts including: DUO, a casual, open-air, steak-and-seafood restaurant (must-try: the macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi); Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, featuring a fusion of Hawaiian and California cuisine; and the newly reimagined coastal Italian, Ferraro’s Restaurant & Bar, known for its squid ink pasta with kona lobster, and Pesce Intero Alla Piastra, a roasted whole Hawaiian snapper.

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