river bank with colorful changing leaves

Lexus has always been about luxury and making driving a welcoming experience. But, the famous car brand decided to take that one step further recently by launching a new partnership with Cal-a-Vie Health Spa and all three Miraval Resorts and Spas. Called “Lexus Drive Your Way to Wellness,” the unique wellness package is all about integrating experiences that focus on wellbeing at award-winning destinations. And I got to test it out at the Miraval in the Berkshires.

In desperate need of a couple of nights away (we have a toddler), my husband and I decided to head to the luxe resort on a Thursday afternoon. We spent that first day lounging by the pool, eating a healthy dinner, and going to bed early. That ended up being a great idea as our experience started at 9 am Friday.

We had very little knowledge of what to expect from our day ahead, which is part of what makes the package unique. Unlike many other classes at Miraval that are described in detail and take place in a group setting, this is a completely customized day — it can range from 6 to 8 hours — for a small private group. So, one couple could go hiking and try the ropes course, while another could go swimming and biking. In addition, you get to try several off-site activities. 

So, what was our itinerary? Well, our guide started the day with rock climbing. This was my first time trying the sport outside, and it was an enriching experience. Although I struggled physically, our guide talked me through it almost meditatively, describing how we need to redefine what success means. I didn’t reach the top like my husband, but I did climb much further than I thought possible. 

Next was a hike through the pristine Berkshires hills, where a chef-prepared picnic lunch was waiting at the edge of a secluded lake. It was the perfect amount of downtime and refueling needed before our day’s final activity.

After getting all dirty and sweaty from our rock climbing and hiking, we drove to another lake and changed into bathing suits. Again, keeping with the bespoke nature of the experience, our guide gave us a choice of kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. We opted for SUP and took a long paddle around the lake, including a stop at a little-known rope swing, before heading back to the resort for a massage and dinner. 

The element of surprise and activity combo made this experience different from others I’ve tried at wellness resorts. It’s not about just participating in one type of adventure, but rather trying several in a day mixed with downtime. You bounce between extremes with a guide encouraging you and providing meaningful insight. 

Of course, driving a Lexus is part of this process. I got to try out the all-new 2022 Lexus NX for my getaway, which enhanced that adventure-meets-wellness vibe. The five-seat luxury crossover SUV includes the most technological vehicle changes since the car company launched 32 years ago. That made it easier and more comfortable to handle over the dirt roads we drove on and had little pampering elements like seat coolers to combat our high temperatures.  

Ultimately, it was a perfect couple of days, getting in a ton of rejuvenating physical activity and some much-needed pampering. And the car was the perfect companion to facilitate that.

This experience at Miraval costs $495 per person.