Maintaining your health, wellness and self-care regime is even more important when traveling.  Easier said than done you say?  We turned to influential travel-wellness experts to share their tips for staying in tip-top shape when you’re globetrotting.

Spa and Wellness Consultant, Mindy Terry

Miles Flown Annually: 100-150K.


Over the past two decades, Terry has racked up the frequent flyer miles traveling the world to impart her wellness wisdom to some of the world’s most fabulous spas – The Spa at Glenmere, NY, Sahra Spa at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and Rosewood Sense Spa, Abu Dhabi are all in her client portfolio. Having worked and toured her way throughout the Americas, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East and Europe, Terry, also a certified health coach and yoga instructor, now splits her time between Koh Samui Thailand and her home of Salt Lake City, Utah, where she’s busy honing her plant-based cooking skills.

Top Travel-Wellness Rituals: “When I move through airports, I bypass trains, elevators and moving walkways and walk the longest route. This gentle exercise gets the heart pumping, increases circulation and helps to reset the circadian rhythms when crossing multiple time zones. During long haul or connecting flights, I always get a massage or take a long hot shower in the airport lounge or when I land to ward off jetlag and get the circulation going. It’s also best to stick to water and eat lightly on the plane to help your digestion. And I’m not too shy to stretch or do a bit of yoga in my seat or in the aisle when everyone’s asleep or engrossed in a movie.”

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No-Jet-Lag: A flight attendant recommended this homeopathic remedy made in New Zealand 20 years ago and I swear by these for alleviating the effects of jet lag.

Phytomer’s 12-Hour Moisturizing Flash Gel: This skin saving moisturizer adds hydration and gives my complexion a dewy-fresh appearance, during long haul flights. 

Tata Harper’s Aromatic Irritability Treatment: Soothe the stress that comes from delayed flights, lost baggage and long security lines with the help of this aromatic roll-on that instantly calms frazzled nerves.

Meditate Like a Yogi: These days I skip reading and inflight movies, put on my Bose noise-canceling headphones and zone out listening to this meditation course with my favorite teacher, Alex, founder of Higher Yoga Academy in Koh Phagman, Thailand. After a year of faithfully practicing the art of sitting in silence, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my stress levels and overall well-being.

Luxury Travel Advisor, Julie Shotmeyer

Miles Flown Annually: 75K

As a luxury travel advisor and the founder of Jet Set Getaways, Shotmeyer spends her time exploring the world’s most luxurious vacation destinations so she can share her experience and expertise with her clients.  So yes, that means a lot of flying time, and mapping out the perfect itinerary, which for her always includes a focus on renewal, rejuvenation and wellness.

wellness tips for traveling

Top Travel-Wellness Ritual: When I return to my hotel room at the end of the evening, no matter how tired or jetlagged I am, I always cleanse my face and apply a hydrating mask for 30 minutes. While it’s on with my legs up against the headboard or wall, I take long deep breaths in through the mouth and out the nose to regulate my blood flow, reduce any swelling from the flight and induce relaxation before bed. Thinking about all I am grateful for from that day, always makes me feel happy and zen. After the mask, I give myself a facial massage, a technique I learned from facialist and creator of luxe Italian skincare Pietro Simone.  Soaking in a bath of epsom salts for 20 minutes, then rinsing off with a quick cold shower, similar to a warm/cold plunge ritual at a resort spa, also lowers stress and boosts your mood and energy.

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Forever Glow Anti-Aging Face Mask by Joanna Vargas: This is my must-pack beauty essential when I travel, to protect my skin against dry out on flights and during the trip.

Beauty Executive, Julie Andrews

Miles Flown Annually: 75K

Jetting between company’s offices in her native California and Sweden, and flying all over the world to visit Kerstin Florian global spa resorts, is all part of day’s work for Andrews, chief creative officer of the famous Swedish skincare brand. Needless to say, she’s learned a trick of two about protecting your complexion and incorporating wellness when traveling.

wellness tips for traveling
Image Courtesy of Kerstin Florian

Top Travel-Wellness Rituals: “I always fly without makeup and mist my face throughout the flight with a hydrating facial spray. Mid-flight (and again before landing) I apply our Fub balm, which is infused with menthol, rosemary, pine and lavender) to my feet and lower legs to help with any swelling. Just before landing, I double down, applying facial oil and eye crème to hydrate, smoothing and lift my skin. When I arrive at my destination, especially after long-haul international flights, I always go for a swim in the sea and every day I take a bath in high content mineral salts, salt water helps your body adapt to its new location. Before a bath, I always dry body brush to increase circulation after my soak, I apply a body oil – ginger if I need to energize and lavender for sleep.

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