costal town in Corfu Greece one stop on a multi city itinerary

The crystalline waters, the white-washed homes, and the craggy cliffside beaches of the Greek Islands are calling your name. All you need to do is answer by plotting out the perfect multi-island itinerary.

Visiting one Greek island is certainly good enough, but visiting two or three at once is the ideal way to get a taste of what this stunning archipelago offers. However, there are 227 islands stretched across hundreds of miles, which means it can be tricky to plot out a route to multiple islands that makes sense. Here are a few easy-to-follow itineraries that make island hopping a snap.

Tinos to Syros to Mykonos

Take a three-island getaway by planning an adventure to three easy-to-access spots. First, make your way to the island of Tinos, one of the most underrated in the archipelago. The island offers pristine beaches, delicious restaurants (Like Salt is a must), and plenty of cultural attractions, including 800 churches and the Sanctuary of Poseidon. To get here, hop aboard a ferry from Athens (the fast ferry option only takes 90 minutes), and spend a few nights in a private villa like those offered by The Thinking Traveller.

Next, head to Syros, which is just a 30-minute ferry ride away. Here you’ll get to experience even more culture, and get to check out some rather interesting architecture borrowed from the Italians. The island is also home to a number of secluded beaches that make it a perfect place to take a dip, or even a skinny dip if you so choose. Book a few nights in Aristide Hotel for added glamor.

 Finally, make your way to Mykonos on another 30-minute ferry ride. Only when you land, you’ll be in for a much different experience. As one of the most popular islands, Mykonos can get crowded, but that really adds to its fun. It’s a party island to say the least, making it a great spot to post up at a beach club, order a few fruity drinks, and take a dip in the Mediterranean whenever you need to cool off. For added fun, book a boat excursion with luxury outfitters like Don Blue, and stay at the all-new and highly attractive Cali Mykonos.

Milos to Paros to Naxos

Milos is quickly becoming the “it” destination in the Greek Islands. Long considered a secret gem, more and more people are discovering this island’s stunning, otherworldly beauty. It’s best known for Sarakiniko beach, a beach that looks more like it belongs on Mars than on Earth. It’s also home to plenty of delicious dining establishments and its own cultural sites too, like the churches in Plaka Village. On Milos, book a stay at Milos Cove and pamper yourself just a little bit.

 Next, hop on a three-and-a-half-hour ferry ride (note: You can always take a plane back to Athens and fly to Paros, but the ferries truly are a beautiful ride, and it ends up taking about the same amount of time anyway) to Paros. It’s an island that is a bit more developed than Milos, though we mean “developed” by Greek Island standards. Here you’ll find more restaurants, plenty of shops, and more beaches than you can possibly visit in one go. To make a stay on the island even more eventful, stay at Parocks, a breathtaking hotel surrounded by emerald green Agean waters.

Finally, take a quick 30-minute ferry to neighbor Naxos, where you’ll find Greek traditions at every turn. Spend your days lounging by the water and your evenings strolling the villages for one more bite of saganaki. Hikers will also be delighted by Naxos as it’s home to Mount Zas, the highest mountain peak in the Cyclades. In Naxos, book your stay at Medusa Beach Resort, which offers the perfect mix of classic Greek architecture with bohemian design.

Corfu to Paxi

Get the ultimate two-for-one deal with a trip between Corfu and Paxi. Start in Corfu, the second-largest island in the Ionian islands. It offers visitors the chance to experience a more cosmopolitan side of the Greek Islands, with its capital, Corfu Town. There you’ll find more cobblestoned streets, Venetian architecture like in Syros, two fortresses, several museums, and plenty of high-end shops to explore. On the island, stay at Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa, which offers spectacular views of the ocean right from its equally alluring infinity-edge pool

 Then, make your way via a 90-minute ferry to Paxi, a place that somehow has remained relatively untouched by international tourism and commercialization. Come here to see some verdant Greek hills, swim in the gin-clear waters, and explore the sea caves, which you may find yourself lucky enough to be exploring alone. Bring a few friends along and snag this six-bedroom villa with a private pool and massive dine-in kitchen for a gettogether to remember.