When we hear private island at Travel Curator, the traveler in us takes a collective ahhh….There’s nothing better than complete seclusion and immersion all at once – and Isleta el Espino on Lake Nicaragua knocks it out of the park. The private-island, three-room ecolodge is the newest private hotel offering in Nicaragua, and it’s one to put on your travel list. The sustainable retreat is easy to reach, just a 15-minute boat ride from the Granada port, where two treehouse suites and one bungalow await. Serenity becomes an understatement as the everyday stress (what stress?) easily melts away while you lounge on one of Isleta el Espino’s pool chairs. A view of Volcán Mombacho rests ahead, set hazily beneath a smoky demure, while wild, inspiring scenery floats all around.

Wildlife is endless on the island, as many species of birds, fish, lizards and monkeys call the ecosystem home. As if blessed by the habitat in which it resides, Isleta El Espino is constantly teeming with an array of colorful butterflies. These little beauties aren’t camera shy. They’ll rest upon your hand or flowers nearby – they’ll even stay long enough for an Instagram selfie. But our favorite part of the island lies within the culinary offerings. The property grows its own mango, lemongrass, spinach, basil and dragon fruit, and fish are caught in the surrounding waters, creating a retreat centered around authentic wellness. Bliss. Discover Isleta El Espino on Instagram, and learn more about our new private island dream.