We have our eye on Panama, and you should too, especially after seeing this Instagram of the American Trade Hotel. American Trade Hotel is located in the city’s Casco Viejo neighborhood. The property was developed in partnership with Panama City-based Conservatorio, and serves as Atelier Ace’s debut luxury offering in a portfolio of unique, independent projects, headed by Ace Hotel Group.

Casco Viejo hums with the energy of a neighborhood in transition, offering visitors an immersive cultural experience unlike any in the Americas. If Casco Viejo is the capital of creative life in Panama, then American Trade Hotel is the heart. The property has an open concept, serving as an organic meeting place for influencers, creatives and cultures from around the world. Beautiful blue mosaic tiles dot the lobby floor, and an array of seating provides a collective hub for travelers and locals alike.

If you find yourself visiting the crossroads of the Americas, then American Trade Hotel is the place for you. The staff is committed to a one of a kind luxury experience, and they’ve developed close-knit relationships with the local community, creating an ideal home base from which to explore all that Panama has to offer.