On the West Coast, SoCal natives rise early, no doubt to score a coveted seat at one of LA’s breakfast hotspots. Out to give the City of Angels’ pulsating nightlife scene a run for its celebrity allure, is a new breed of hip, designer, all-day cafes and breakfast haunts headed up by trendy chefs. Welcome to the best breakfast spots in Los Angeles where high-end health-conscious menus and the latest superfoods have reimaged the restaurant scene. 

Met Her At A Bar

Instagram: @metheratabar

The Vibe: On the corner of La Brea and 9th in Mid-City, you’ll find this trendy, laidback waffle café. Inside the cozy vibe makes it feel as if you’ve dropped by your neighbors for breakfast until you spot the walls adorned with iconic rock concert photography. Foliage hangs from the ceiling and fresh wildflowers at the entrance remind you that this is LA and healthy living is the mantra. 

Eat + Drink: The eclectic menu features sweet Belgian Waffles as the blank canvas in which to whip up unexpected flavors and twists. Order Thai-style chicken and waffles for a savory bite, or satisfy your sweet tooth with vegan salted caramel waffle topped with toasted coconut flakes. And naturally, you can even lean into the health-conscious fare with a matcha waffle paired with a power Chai. 


Instagram: @republiquela

The Vibe: This eatery located in the mid-center of the city, on the site of former food hot spot Campanile, evokes modern-day marketplace vibes. Exposed brick, black metal lighting fixtures, and floor-to-ceiling window paneling, which overlooks a private dining patio enveloped in lush green shrubbery. 

Eat + Drink: Pull up a seat at the communal long rustic wooden table to feast on fresh-baked croissants, bread, and pastries washed down with a shot of LA-native Verve espresso.  Or try the ricotta toast with sweet notes of black mission figs and wildflower honey. Savory fans should go for Papusa featuring fresh fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, and avocado. 

Cafe Gratitude 

IG: @cafegratitude

The Vibe: Café Gratitude is the hot new place in the burgeoning arts district. The open-concept dining room has a modern and welcoming atmosphere with white-washed brick walls, accent greenery, and canvas-covered hanging lights. 

Eat + Drink: The vegan-inspired menu proves that plant-based cuisine can still be delicious and elevated. Order the smashed avocado toast topped with fresh radishes, microgreens, and Korean chili flakes. For an extra health boost, the Immortal / Ayurvedic Latté made with Chaga, shilajit, reishi, he shou wu, raw honey is designed to boost immunity and balance blood sugar levels.


IG: @harrietsrooftop

The Vibe: This coveted rooftop haunt on iconic Sunset Blvd is a favorite among the celebrity and cool crowd. With sweeping city views and an old Hollywood cocktail lounge vibe complete with burgundy awnings and tasseled umbrellas, it’s easy to see why it’s the place du jour.

Eat + Drink: Order a classic Cali breakfast sandwich with signature sriracha aioli. And when in Hollywood, wash it down with a Blue Velvet cocktail made with white rum, crème de violette, lime, and blueberry. 


IG: @destroyer.la

The Vibe: This Culver City hub space feels futuristic, the perfect backdrop for haute cuisine with a coffee machine built into the kitchen counters and an open kitchen where you can observe the chefs, who appear more like high-tech scientists at work. The sleek all-white look has tables but little to no decorum other than a zen plant or two. The minimalist atmosphere allows your senses to focus on the food in front of you. 

Eat + Drink: Molecular gastronomy is a trip for the eyes and mouth. Order the beef tartare which appears more like a perfectly assembled radish tarte. If you are looking for a lighter pick-me-up the creamy oatmeal with a disk of crispy vanilla for a surprising texture combo to wake up your palette. 


IG: @sqirlla

The Vibe: This small, intimate, elevated dive café has garnered a cult following in Silver Lake where dozens of natives line up around the block for some ricotta and jam toast, and innovative approaches to typical café drinks. The mom-and-pop style establishment doesn’t need any bells and whistles, with their menu as the focal point, black tables, and fresh wildflower accents to elevate the textured white cement walls. 

Eat + Drink: Start your day right with the burnt brioche slathered in ricotta and homemade seasonal jam. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, the sorrel pesto rice with preserved Meyer lemon, lacto-fermented hot sauce, watermelon radish, french sheep feta, and poached egg is the way to go.

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