Scrolling through Instagram is one thing, but seeing your favorite destinations in print is entirely different. Some of those pages will spark memories of trips deeply engrained in your heart and others will keep your travel dreams alive. Travel coffee table books are the perfect decor for travel lovers. 

Does New York have your heart? There’s a travel coffee table book for that, New York by New York. Are you longing for a beach holiday on a secluded beach, Beaches is the book for you. Each of these books is stunning and will soothe your wanderlust soul.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

What began as a personal travel bucket list became a passport for modern travelers and fans of Wes Anderson’s unmistakable aesthetic. Authorized by the legendary director himself, the book journeys to every continent to showcase quirky landmarks and undiscovered gems.

#wanderlust: The World’s 500 Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations 

No matter what type of travel experience you crave – city breaktropical beach escapeculture hit or unforgettable adventure, this extensive round up of the best places on earth will inspire you to book that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Unforgettable Journeys: Slow Down and See the World

Enjoy an epic bike ride along the ancient Silk Road, embark on a luxury cruise of Antarctica, or ride the Orient Express, this stunning visual travel guide, categorized by mode of travel will take you on 200 life-changing journeys.

Paris in Bloom

Whether Paris is your favorite city or one on the very top of your bucket list Paris in Bloom is the perfect addition to your collection. Flip the stunning cover to find information on the springtime blooms as well as remarkable Paris flower markets. The city is timeless and so is the book. 

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Chic Stays

The pages of Chic Stays will transport you to some of the most gorgeous places in the world. Discover secluded corners of the world through the eyes of your favorite celebrities. Chic stays pairs personal anecdotes with photography for a special addition to your coffee table collection. These stories will not only inspire you, but they’ll also transport you.

Pretty City London: Discovering Londons Beautiful Places

Pretty City London: Discovering Londons Beautiful Places will provide you a truly intimate view of London. The romance and the history of the city flow on to the pages. One of our favorite parts of this book is the tips on taking great London photos of your own. If London has your heart, this book is for you.

Where to stay in London? COMO The Halkin is our pick for the best London getaway.

The Bucket List

What you’ll get from The Bucket List is just enough information to pique your curiosity. Each stunning destination is represented by a gorgeous photo and short informative paragraph. It is the perfect flip through conversation starter. The book also makes a wonderful gift for travel lovers.

Secret Marvels of the World

Many of the most famous landmarks in the world are on well-worn tourist paths. Secret Marvels of the World speaks to directly to the heart of the type of traveler that prefers the off the beaten path destinations. Lonely Planet is a powerhouse when it comes to travel guides to it will come us no surprise they were able to compile 360 gems. Places like Kaindy Lake is Kazakstan and Salvation Mountain in Niland California are just scratching the surface.

Living in Mexico

The cover alone makes Living in Mexico the perfect addition to your living room stack. The true vibrance and uniqueness of each region of Mexico is what makes the country so unique. The woven tapestries, crystal blue waters, and colorful tile work jump off each page. The homes of this book will undoubtedly have to redecorate your own space, even if it’s only in your own head. 

Where to stay in Mexico? Viceroy Riviera Maya is perfect for a luxe seaside Mexican escape.

Vanlife Diaries

Who says living in a van can’t be posh? The stunning Instagram account Vanlife Diaries inspired many with its depiction of life on wheels. Vanlife Diaries puts those real-life stories into print. A new wave of nomads with a pull towards minimalism has turned to convert vans and buses. You’ll find stories, advice, and inspiration on each page. These vans aren’t what you picture when you think of a rugged camping vehicle.


The amazing photographer Gary Malin’s Escape is a series of breathtaking photographs. From remote islands to major cities these photos capture beauty in a completely unique way. The pages of Escape showcases images and stories from 11 different countries.

Green Escapes

In the world’s most fantastic concrete jungles, you’ll find Green Escapes. Gardens of various sizes and shapes intended to provide well peaceful escapes to all its visitors. Don’t expect to find any of these hidden gems in any guide books. Luckily the details on exactly where to find these spaces are sprinkled throughout the pages.

Paris in Color

Paris is without a doubt one of the most romantic cities in the world. Paris in Color does a fabulous job capturing the details. The book is uniquely laid out by individual color. Just like the city, the beauty of the book can be found in the details. 

Where to stay in Paris? Hôtel des Grands Boulevards is another one of favorite Paris picks.

Door J’Adore: Celebration of the worlds most beautiful doors

Doors hold stories of the things that lie behind them  We see them and instantly our minds gather information about the person that owns them. Every door in  Door J’Adore: Celebration of the world’s most beautiful doors was carefully selected for its architecture, color or texture.

The Life and Love of the Sea

Leaders in underwater photography came together to create  The Life and Love of the Sea. A collection of photographs to showcase sea life, powerful waves, and stunning coastline. The spectacular power of the ocean will be felt on each page.


A visit to Hong Kong will teach you to expect the unexpected. Flipping through the pages of   Cocoons will hold true to that expectation. Construction sites are not supposed to be beautiful but these photographs are guaranteed to change your mind. The bamboo scaffolding against the urban skyline is remarkable. 

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