We are always up for an indulgent pamper session and come summer, we’re lusting after luxe body treatments designed to renew the skin and restore mind and soul. Especially when these body beautifying treatments are on the menus at coveted luxury spas in New York, London, and Sydney.  Enjoy our guide to the cult classic body treatments which stand the test of time for good reason. And the best bit is, you can also master these at home to elevate your DIY spa ritual.

BODY TREATMENT: Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Ricari Studios cult body spa treatments
Image Courtesy of Ricari Studios

Lymphatic drainage massage has long been in demand for its body sculpting effect. This gentle massage technique stimulates the lymph nodes to kick-start the detoxification process, strengthen the immune system, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and even boost your mood. Today, the classic body treatment has become something of a ‘sci-fi massage’ according to Anna Zahn, founder of Ricari Studios, the hot right now destination in LA and NYC for high-tech lymphatic treatments.  Zahn’s signature Body Focus treatment sees wellness seekers dress in sheer skinsuits, as her state of art Icoone device – equipped with 38 settings – is rolled over the skin and body to boost circulation and blood flow, relax the nervous system and remedy saggy skin, cellulite, scar tissue, and even muscle aches.

DIY:  Master the art of lymphatic drainage at home

Use a firming/hydrating/detoxifying body moisturizer (go for organic blends infused with caffeine and antioxidants). Start by pressing just below your collarbones to get the drainage started, then press your armpit three times. Using light gentle pressure – always work in upward strokes in the direction of the lymph node – massage the arms, stomach and press your palms flat between the hip bones. Next, make circular movements around the belly button five times with your hands overlapping. Then pinch the stomach area, for a minute, move to your groin and press the area three times. Finish by making a tight fist and slide your hands up your body from the knee up eight times, then squeeze the back of the knee three times and finally slide your hands from the foot back to the knee ten times. The treatment should take around 20 mins and we recommend doing it three times a week.  Be sure to keep up the hydration after and try to avoid alcohol or too much caffeine as your body is going through a detoxification process. 

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Try a lymphatic massage at these luxury global spas.

New York City

Ricardi Studios: Body Focus treatment


The Milestone Hotel: Lymphatic Massage with Fiona Keane


Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney: Full Body Detox Cleanse

BODY TREATMENT: The Art of Bathing

AIRE Ancient Baths cult body spa treatments
Image Courtesy of AIRE Ancient Baths

The ritual of bathing and hydrotherapy to boost health and wellness dates back centuries. Think Cleopatra and her milk baths, Bali’s exotic flower baths (to prepare brides for their wedding day), and the explosion of Europe’s thalassotherapy seawater and seaweed kur (German for cure) natural spas. Today a restorative bath ritual (often accompanied with a detoxifying body wrap) is a coveted treatment on global spa menus. Indeed New York’s AIRE Ancient Baths, home to a rejuvenating assortment of hot and cold thermal pools offers an indulgent Red Wine Bath for couples. Of course, when it comes to at-home healing remedies, there’s no denying the benefits of a long hot soak. 

DIY:  Master the ritual of a bath at home

Four times a year – with the change of each season – indulge in a ten-day, European-style kur. Fill your bathtub with water just warmer than your natural body temperature (95 – 100 degrees) and infuse your bath with detoxifying algae and lavender bath blend or energizing mineral salts and soak from the neck down for 20 minutes. If you want to double down, apply a luxurious face mask while you bathe. Add ambiance with a relaxation-inducing, scented candle, keep a cool glass of water or camomile tea handy, and finish your ritual by applying a remineralizing body cream. Cleopatra would be proud.

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New York City

AIRE Ancient Baths: The Ancient Thermal Bath and Relaxing 60 Massage


Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park: Rasul Water Temple


Spa at Park Hyatt: Australian Sea Kelp Bath

BODY TREATMENT: Dry Body Brushing

dry body brushing

The art of dry body brushing – physically brushing the skin with a natural bristle brush – exfoliates dead skin cells, improves circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. This holistic body treatment dates back to ancient times. The Japanese have always incorporated it into their bath and sauna rituals and in the age-old Indian holistic wellness practice of Ayurveda, a daily dry body brushing technique known as Gharsana is what is thought to inspire the inclusion of dry body brushing as an important element in body treatments on the spa menus today. Goop guru, Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge advocate and has even created her own brush.

DIY:  Master the art of Dry Body Brushing at home: 

Renowned skincare guru, Dr. Barbara Sturm, offers her expert advice on how to master the art of dry body brushing at home:

Always brush lightly with slow and even strokes in a circulation motion toward the heart. Start at the feet and work up the body. For the arms,  brush from your hands to the forearm, upper arm, and shoulders. For the tummy, start on the bottom right side of the abdomen and brush upwards in small strokes toward ribs. Spend time on “problem dry areas” like elbows, knees, back of thighs, and buttocks. A dry body brushing session should last around 5 minutes and it’s best to follow with a bath or show and application of a hydrating nutrient-rich body lotion or oil.

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New York City

Shibui Spa at The Greenwich Hotel: Elemental Wellbeing


Cloud Twelve Spa: Green Coffee Sculpting Treatment


Alkaline Spa: Alkaline Detox Massage

Shop these Dry Body Brushes:

Anti-Cellulite Body Brush by Dr. Barbara Sturm: This short-handled, natural bristle brush can be used on dry or wet skin and comes in soft and medium. 

G. Tox Ultimate Dry Brush by GOOP Gwyneth Paltrow: This medium length brush is made from natural sisal fibers from the Mexican agave plant. 

The Mio Body Brush: This natural boar bristle brush, with handheld cotton strap, features massage nodules framed in sustainable bamboo.

Body Brush by One Ocean: Designed in Finland, this natural wood and bristle body brush is ergonomically shaped to contour perfecting in your hand.

Dry Body Brush Beauty by Earth: This Long-handle limbered brush will help you tackle those hard to reach places.