Why it’s worth traveling for… Grab a glass of champagne and take a trip back to the “Roaring 20’s” at The Read House in Chattanooga. This deeply historic hotel pays homage to the “Great Gatsby” with inspired décor, designs, and opulent experiences like cocktails served by waitresses in flapper dresses.

Why you will never want to leave…

  • Take a trip to the Bar & Billiards Room off the grand lobby for a lively happy hour and savor handcrafted aperitifs. Sneak behind the bar for a game of pool in the hidden billiards room and take in the full speakeasy experience.
  • Each of the stylish suites at The Read House provide guests with a spacious living area, plush bedding, large walk-in showers and 50-inch flat screen televisions.
  • If you’re into thrills and chills, The Read House is as spooky as it is sophisticated. Room 311 is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly, a former guest who was murdered by her jealous lover. Over the years, there have been many accounts of paranormal activity in Room 311 from flickering lights to shadowy figures. Now, the suite has been completely restored to its original style to make Annalisa comfortable nd is available for daily tours for brave guests to explore.

But if you do… Discover Chattanooga charm during your stay at The Read House. Just a short walk from downtown, make your way to the Hunter Museum of American Art then end your night in the NorthShore dining district for dinner. For the more adventurous type, venture four miles out of the city for incredible views at Lookout Mountain or try activities such as hang-gliding, bass fishing, and mountain climbing.